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Chenbro Rackmount 2 U Rack Unit Height

Buying 2U Server Rackmount Cases and Chassis

Chenbro makes 2U servers that make it easy for people to store critical files. But as you look for cases and chassis, you have to be aware of several features that go into what you can utilize.

Review the Rackability

Check on how well your rackmount server can handle 2U memory modules. The server case should support your racks properly. In the case of a 2U rack, the mount should include two 1.75 inch high racks.

What Components Are Supported?

Your case or chassis must be capable of handling many materials that go into your module. These include:

  • A standard motherboard; this may entail an Intel or AMD processor
  • One or multiple HDD bays
  • Multiple DDR4 DIMM slots for extra memory
  • PCI-E slots; these include low profile units

Check the UNSPSC number for individual parts to see that what you are using is supported by your case or chassis.

Avoid Vibrations

Your rack must come with an anti-vibration setup. This is to absorb any vibrations produced by the HDD sets in your set or the 40 or 80 mm fans that your Chenbro cooling system uses. The frame should include shock-absorbing materials that will take in shocks for cases where you have to move the rack to a different space in your office or elsewhere.

Expansion Support

Review the expansion slots on your rack before buying it. You may find full-height or low-profile slots on your unit. Such slots will provide you with extra support for more server materials. The chassis should support all of the parts while offering a simple interface for mounting everything accordingly.

How Many Outlets?

Review the number of outlets that your rackmount chassis or case can handle. The product description for your chassis should provide you with details on what you can use. You must use more PSU setups than what you require today. This is for if you need to get any extra power supplies ready for future expansion needs.

How Can You Access the Modules?

You might need to open up your case or chassis on occasion. A rack slide rail kit should provide you with help for moving your drive bays in and out so you can see the internal features in your server rack.

Can It Handle Heat?

Be aware of how well your drive bays are capable of handling heat. A rack may link to an outside exhaust system to clear hot air away from the system. The clear-out includes heat produced by the power supply. Although the fans used in your server case may help, it is critical for you to remove heat so everything is kept cool.

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