Antique Ceramic and Porcelain Candle Holders Complete Your Vintage Home Decor

Ceramic and porcelain candle holders, figurines, and others made of the white lustrous material were status symbols among nobility. Having gained popularity since its production in the early 1700s, porcelain is the material of choice for vintage decor and other useful pieces like candle holders. Ceramic candle holders are light but durable enough to hold their shape though are quite fragile. That said, the intricacy of its design and elaborate details make up for the fragileness of the porcelain candle holder.

What Materials Are Used in Elaborate Designs?

  • Metal: Metals have long been used for ornate pieces of decor and the candle holder is no exception. White candle holders can have slender but durable gold or silver handles built into the body of the piece. A porcelain candle holder may also be made of multiple white pieces wherein the ceramic candle sconce has an exterior lining made of metal.
  • Porcelain: In its raw form, porcelain is a mixture of water and powdery minerals, such as feldspar and quartz, as well as a type of clay called kaolin. While ceramic and porcelain are relatively easy to mold and hold their shape after molding, they require heat treatment to become harder.
  • Dyes: Various dyes are used to color the ceramic. Blue is a favorite shade for many who appreciate vintage oriental styles, while white is a neutral that can fit in with various decor styles, but other vibrant colors can also be used to pair with different colored candles. Ceramic candle holders may also be painted before the final glazing process to preserve the integrity of the hues.

How Are Ceramic and Porcelain Candle Holders Made?

  • Mixing: To create elaborate designs, a saturated mixture must be used in order to allow for moldability before the firing process. The mixture must not be too watery for the candle holder to hold its form.
  • Molding: After the right mixture is achieved, the candle holder can be formed. Molding the candle holder requires additional tools, such as sculpting and carving tools along with brushes to apply the paint and glaze.
  • Firing: Once the desired shape is achieved, the candle holder is subjected to a number of firings in a kiln to achieve optimum hardness.

What Designs Can I Buy?

  • Ornate: Vintage porcelain is always ornate and elaborately designed. These have colorful variants, such as light blue and turquoise options ideal for giving as gifts. Candle holders can also have metal or glass parts.
  • Solid: These types of candle holders have cylindrical designs with cutouts along its body that project lovely shadows when you light the candle. They may be made of ceramic or porcelain molded thickly, with the candle held in the bottom middle.
  • Sets: Antique porcelain or ceramic candle holders may be sold in sets and are great for collections or as gifts. Many are limited editions so swipe them up at the earliest opportunity if you're looking to collect these porcelain works of art.