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Racks for Saturns

Theres nothing like a road trip for the perfect vacation adventure. Of course, these trips are not as much fun if you cannot take your gear with you. Roof racks add a lot of space to any vehicle, turning small cars into efficient hauling machines.

What are the benefits of a roof rack?

Not only will you create more room inside the car for a more comfortable trip, but you will also create a safer environment for your passengers. Also, you can take more of your fun gear and essentials with you. Adding a sturdy platform accessory to the outside of your Saturn model also means you can bring your kayak, canoe, or bikes with you and have peace of mind that they are secure.

How do you set your Saturn up for roof racks?

When you have decided to get a roof rack, you will first need to obtain roof rails if your vehicle does not come with factory-installed rails. The rails come in three sizes, 36-inch, 52-inch, and 62-inch lengths to fit vehicles ranging from a compact sized car up to a large SUV. When you have the rails, crossbars, and the mounting adapter, you can bolt the parts directly to the roof, and you are ready to go. For cars already equipped with two side rails, you will only need crossbars and an adapter to provide a solid foundation for your roof rack or bag.

How do you know how much weight you can carry?

Be sure to consult your drivers manual to determine the restrictions for your Saturn. You will be looking for the dynamic rating which is the amount of weight the roof can hold while the vehicle is moving. On the other hand, the static rating is what the car can hold while standing still. How much weight you can carry also depends on the size, shape, and weight of the cargo. When carrying a load that is aerodynamic, such as a kayak, your car reacts differently than when it carries a piece of large, compact cargo. Air catching on a load may cause some instability while driving so you must adjust accordingly. Proper distribution is also an essential factor to consider when determining the amount of weight for your roof racks. Do not put all the heavy things in one spot.

How do you secure items safely to the roof racks?

So that you do not cause damage or injury to you, others, or your car, it is vital to secure all cargo carefully. First, make sure you are not going above the weight limit advised by your car manufacturer. Use tie-down straps rather than bungee cords for securing the cargo, so it does not shift. Set your support bars to the proper width, so they support the cargo evenly. With the tie-down straps, start by attaching the anchor points and go over the entire load before tightening the tension on the other side. Add a strap at each bar, and check for any movement.