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Racks for Kia

You can get more cargo capacity from the Kia Soul by using a roof rack. These racks for Kia make it easy to carry luggage, sporting equipment, or practically anything on top of your car.

What is the Kia Soul roof rack weight limit?

Roof racks and crossbars are made of lightweight aluminum or durable plastics. Depending on the manufacturer, they can carry from 100 to 165 pounds. If youre using a roof-mounted cargo box like a Thule carrier, remember, you should only factor how much the roof rack can carry. If the Thule can carry 200 pounds, but the roof rack maximum weight load is 100 pounds, it will not support the full 200 pounds.

How do you install a Kia Soul roof rack?

When installing a new rack, you will be removing three parts of the roof trim: the back, middle strip, and front pieces. A holding strip will replace the middle strip, and the roof rack will be bolted onto it. You will reuse the back and front pieces. The tools needed are a screwdriver, socket wrench, drill, and utility knife.

  • Open the tailgate. There will be three screws holding the taillight in; unscrew them. Pull the headlight forward and disconnect the wires from the back. When youve completed this, set the wires aside. Starting at the back roof, pop off the rear roof seam trim with a screwdriver; plastic clips are holding it in place. Next, pop off the trim piece running down the entire top of the roof from back to front. There will be one screw holding it in place. Pop off the third roof trim piece at the front of the roof. Mark the front trim and the back trim.
  • Lay out the rack next to the front and rear trim to verify where the holes need drilling. Youll then turn over the front and back trim pieces. There is one raised hollowed-out piece of plastic on each piece. This should be the marking for the bolts, but be sure to double-check by laying out the pieces together before drilling. Drill through, making drill holes the same sizes as the bolts. Use the utility knife to scrape off any loose plastic from the backside.
  • The mounting devices in the track are raised brackets with holes in the center. Slide a nut under the bracket and screw the provided bolt through the bracket into the nut. Screw another nut onto each screw and tighten. Do this for the front and back bracket.
  • Screw together the front trim to the new middle trim and then the back trim. Center this entire piece on the roof. The bolts attached to the mounting brackets should line up and stick out once the piece snaps back into place.
  • Set the rack over the bolts sticking out of the top. After youve tightened it down with nuts and a socket wrench, replace the taillights.