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Racks for Chrysler

Chrysler vehicle racks come in lots of different configurations. Racks accommodate gear like general cargo and sporting equipment. Cleaning a rack regularly can help to extend its longevity.

What types of racks are available for Chrysler vehicles?
  • Bike racks: Bike racks come in different sizes and styles. Typically, two bars are installed perpendicular to the roof of the Chrysler car or truck so that bikes and other gear can be strapped to them. Mounting kits specifically for attaching bikes may be supplied with the rack.
  • Ski and snowboard racks: Ski and snowboard racks have narrow slots built into similar bars that accommodate both skis and snowboards. Gear rides flat to the top of the car or truck.
  • Kayak racks: Kayak racks hold boats in place with large clips that encompass the sides. The boat sits as it normally would, bottom down, on the top of the car or trucks roof. Clips are made out of extremely durable plastic rather than metal so as not to damage the boat’s sides.
  • Cargo boxes: Cargo boxes and trays are different options for strapping in bags of various sorts. Boxes have plastic tops and bottoms that fit together to create storage safe from precipitation and the elements. The smooth lines created by hard plastic makes this solution fairly aerodynamic. Trays are typically metal grates with sides that fit on top of a car or truck and are strapped there. Rectangles created by the metal bars serve as places to strap gear and cargo.
  • Rear tracks: Rear racks have an identical function to cargo boxes and trays, and they come in similar designs. However, they are attached to the back of the Chrysler car or truck as opposed to the top. Gear in rear racks typically sits above the rear bumper.
What range of sizes are car racks available in?

Car racks are available in a variety of different fits. The size you need largely depends on what type of gear you are transporting. Obviously, a kayak rack will take up more space than most cargo shells. Rear racks may take up less overall square footage than roof racks. Drag is also a factor that you might want to consider. For instance, rear racks may be more aerodynamic than roof ones.

What materials are utilized to make car racks?

Metal and different types of durable plastic are the most common materials utilized to make car racks. Metal grate styles, plastic shells, and plastic bars all require textiles that are not easily affected by wind, rain, snow, or mud. Buckles or straps may be made from synthetic blends. Plastic buckles are less likely to rust than plain metal.

What are some care tips for car racks?

Most racks can be wiped down with a rag dipped in warm, soapy water. Wash the rack until all the dirt and debris is removed. Be sure to take all gear out of the rack before attempting to wash it. You might also consider loosening all straps in order to cover the most surface area possible with the cleaning agents. Once the rack is clean, rinse it with clean water, and dry it with another soft cloth. Some can be taken through automatic car washes while others cannot due to small pieces that may come off.