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Windshield Wiper Systems for Hyundai

No matter which type of Hyundai automobile you drive, you can find a high-quality windshield wiper system to replace your original one. The varieties of product options come from a number of leading manufacturers, so you can expect the systems to function well for the maximum length of time possible. These products will help to keep your windows clear through even the most difficult driving conditions.

What companies produce wiper blades for Hyundai automobiles?

Wiper blades are made by a number of different manufacturers, so you have a variety of options. You can pick from aftermarket, genuine OEM, private label, or unbranded windshield wipers. Some of the many available brands include the following:

  • Goodyear
  • Trico
  • Parrati
  • AC Delco
  • Bosch
What are the windshield wiper blades made of?

Windshield wipers are usually made from strong, durable rubber and wear-resistant metal or plastic. The rubber is used to clean the windshield, and the metal or plastic is used to attach to the wiper arm.

While you can always choose the regular all-season variety of wiper blade, there are wiper blades that are designed for use at specific times of the year. Some companies change the design or thickness of the rubber wiper blades to provide for maximum effectiveness when used. Its worth taking a few moments to consider what your typical driving conditions require so you can select one with the right features.

Are there windshield wiper blades for all the windows?

There are, of course, the usual wiper blades that are available for the passenger side and the driver side of the windshield. You can also replace the wiper blade used on the rear window of your SUV to help keep dirt cleared off, keeping your visibility out the rear as clear as possible.

Are wiper system parts other than wiper blades available?

If you need more than just windshield wiper blades, you can get the parts you need. You never know when one of these parts may become damaged or not function properly, so you can get everything you need to keep your windshield clean.

The wiper arms are available in just about any length your Hyundai may require. You should consult your owners manual to find the right size for your vehicle. In most cases, the drivers side arm is longer than the passenger side arm. Rear wipers are usually the same size or smaller than the passenger side.

Aside from the arms and wiper blades, you can also find replacements for the washer pump and wiper motors and nozzles.

What are the fitment types for windshield wiper blades?

You typically have two options available. A direct replacement can be done with the same manufactured items that were originally installed on your Hyundai. If you want to change things a little, you can choose a performance fit. No matter which option you choose, you can expect properly functioning parts to keep your view of the road clear.