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Turn Signals for Saab

Saab Automobile AB was founded in 1945 in Sweden and operated manufacturing automobiles until 2012. The company merged and was restructured several times during its lifetime with the Saab 900 being its best-selling model. Turn signals are present on all Saab models, operating as necessary safety equipment as well as contributing to the styling of the rear taillight assembly.

How do you find replacement Saab bulb size information?

Finding the size of bulbs you need for your Saab turn signals is fairly easy and straightforward. You can find this information in two ways. You can consult your Saab owners manual, or you can remove the bulb you wish to replace and check it for the sizing information. This should be printed on the glass or on the metal housing of the bulb.

What are the benefits of using LEDs in Saab signals?

  • The amount of time between the light turning on and going to full brightness is negligible to the point of seeming instant. LEDs will turn up immediately, resulting in quickly noticeable turn signals to both pedestrians and other drivers.
  • LEDs require very little power to operate. Both your Saab battery and alternator will benefit from these low energy requirements.
  • LED bulbs can burn continuously for years. It is likely that the bulbs will last for the entire lifetime of your Saab turn signals.
  • The color temperature of the illumination created by LEDs is bright cool white. This spectrum of light provides clear visibility and brightly lit turn signals.

What does OEM mean?

OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer" and relates to the parts that came with the Saab when it was released for sale from the factory. You may find some used or refurbished turn signals that are OEM, or you may find turn signals that are designed to OEM specifications. If they are designed to OEM specifications, they may also be referred to as factory parts. These are designed to fit and function just like the OEM turn signals with no needed modifications.

What are the benefits of using halogen bulbs?

  • Halogen bulbs are the stock bulbs used in many Saab taillight models. The existing electrical system and sockets are designed to take halogen bulbs, and so using the same kinds of replacements will result in an easy installation.
  • Because halogens are commonly used on many vehicle lights, bulbs are easy to find and purchase.
  • Halogen bulbs are available with several different kinds of coatings that result in light color changes. Halogens without coatings make light in the yellow spectrum, but many manufacturers make these coatings to alter the light output to cool white. You can choose which kind of light you prefer for your Saab taillights.