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Taillights for BMW

Taillights are essential to your BMWs safety on the road. Taillights need to be bright, visible, and the LED or other bulb type has to be able to blink on demand. With a wide selection of taillights for BMW, you can find the replacements that you need for your specific model.

What types of bulbs do BMW taillights use?

BMW lights use a unique set of bulbs. If you are repairing or examining the lights, you will want to know what type of taillights you are dealing with.

  • LED taillights: LED lights are durable, long lasting, bright, and energy efficient.
  • Halogen taillights: Halogen taillights are common in pre-2005 BMW vehicles.
  • Fluorescent: Fluorescent taillights are energy efficient and provide a bright source of light.
What kind of finish do BMW taillights have?

There are two main finish options that youll find when looking at BMW taillights. First, clear finishes look red whether the light is lit or dark. These typically have a clearly defined white cutout to show where the reverse lights are located. This is the style of most OEM lights on BMW cars from 2010 and earlier. Smoke finishes, on the other hand, will appear dark and blend into the car when not illuminated. They can shine equally brightly when lit, but they will also blend with a gray or black car during the day to create a specific aesthetic appeal.

How do you replace a taillight?

Replacing a taillight is a simple process that does not require any detailed knowledge of the vehicle. With the right tools, you can swap out the taillight in a matter of minutes. Changing a taillight assembly is almost as easy as changing the light bulb in the taillight, and it requires many of the same steps.

  1. Disconnect the assembly from the wiring, and unscrew from the body.
  2. Add the new taillight assembly to the same location, and hook up the wiring. This is a simple, snap-together assembly. Be sure to check that the new lights work before screwing them into the body.
  3. Place the cover over the taillights. Once the taillights have been locked into place, put the sheath on top and flip the notches. Before you drive off, jiggle both sides to ensure that the notches have been secured. Remember, faulty lights are liabilities for you and your vehicle. Finally, write the date down on your calendar for future reference.