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Side Marker Lights for Scion

The Scion is a brand name for automobiles manufactured by Toyota that comes in many versions, including three- and five-door liftbacks and a sports coupe. All models within the Scion family require a full complement of side marker lights for safety, and it is important to keep the lights in functioning condition to remain in compliance with the laws of the road.

What are side marker lights for the Scion vehicle?

Side marker lights for Scion vehicles are lighting on the side of the vehicle that gives it enhanced visibility to other drivers to allow for safe clearance. Marker lights are of great value during night driving when the glare of headlights may render the vehicle clearance too dim to see without additional lighting.

In the United States, the legal requirement for vehicle side lighting is to have amber front and red rear side marker lamps on each side of the vehicle. The front amber light is mounted forward of the front tire while the rear red light is mounted to the rear of the rear tire. The lamp sealed inside the marker light module is sealed to be waterproof and typically white and the transparent cover is tinted amber or red as required. The light modules have reflectors in the rear of the assembly.

Are marker lights for Scion cars turn signals?

Whether a light is a marker light or a turn light depends on its primary function. If the light is continuously on when the headlights are turned on, then its a marker light. If the light blinks when the turn is signaled, then its a turn light. The Scion has marker lights and turn lights. Some marker lights, however, may blink with the turn lights. Both the marker and turn lights are amber.

What are options on the Scion for side marker lights?

On the Scion, side marker lighting comes in three basic colors: white, red, and amber. Marker lens covers for the Scion can come in clear or smoke, a color option that appears dark when not illuminated. The marker light unit itself can be a conventional lamp or made of multiple LEDs within the assembly. Marker LED strips are available as an addition to standard side marker lighting.

Are LED lights allowed for marker lights?

LED lights have greater intensity for a given voltage and amperage than regular lamps. LED lights are reliable and long-lasting. There is no law prohibiting the use of LED lights in marker applications. The only requirements are the same as those for conventional markers, which is a specific brightness and color that can be seen through the sealed module.