Key Blanks for Honda

Many people keep at least a couple of spare car keys in case theirs get lost, stolen, or damaged. In order for the new key to operate the door locks and ignition of your Honda, a locksmith creates a key identical to the original from a key blank. While there are many different varieties, it is important to choose the correct blank key to make a reliable duplicate.

What kind of key blank is needed for a Honda?

When making new keys, the shape and style of a key blank must be compatible with the original. The shape of the top part of the key generally differentiates the types of blanks from each other, but the blank should also be checked against vehicle specifications. There are about 20 different Honda key blanks for cars and SUVs as well as about 12 types of keys used in Honda motorcycles.

What’s the difference between OEM and aftermarket key blanks?

Many brands make key blanks that work in Honda locks and ignitions. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and these are keys that are made by the same company, with the same materials, and in the same style as the keys that originally accompanied a particular Honda. Aftermarket key blanks are designed by other manufacturers to be substitutes for OEM blanks. Some different types of aftermarket keys are described below.

  • Look-a-likes have an identical shape as the original blank and also have the same labeling on the key.
  • Replacements replicate the shape of the key but have different, brand-specific labeling.
  • Crest blanks are high-end keys that have ornate decorations and often incorporate gold and silver.
What is a Honda transponder key blank?

Along with the traditional toothed part of a key, transponder keys have a chip that sends a code to a transceiver in the engine. The door will still unlock without this code, but the car will not start. These Honda key blanks can be programmed to a particular car by a locksmith.

Are there Honda keyless entry blank keys?

Some Honda key blanks have buttons for keyless entry in addition to the toothed part of the key. Depending on the particular model, there are two or three functional buttons and a panic button. The buttons lock and unlock the car doors and may even open the trunk. The panic button honks the horn and flashes the headlights. These key blanks can be programmed for a specific car by a dealer or locksmith.

Can you replace the outer part of a Honda fob?

Honda vehicles manufactured after 2015 generally do not use a traditional key or lock, so these do not need key blanks; however, there are replacement parts for these key fobs as well. If a driver has dropped the fob too many times or it is damaged in other ways such as fading or scratching, the outer part can be swapped out for a new cover without having to replace the entire device.