Headlights for BMW

Car headlights provide vehicles with visibility during dark or foggy conditions. Having proper lights on vehicles works to enhance vehicle performance, assist with safe driving, and allow others to see vehicles in the dark. BMW series offers various types of headlights for driving safety.

How does a BMWs adaptive headlight work?

Adaptive headlights allow BMW drivers to more accurately view the road while driving. The lights have sensors that allow beams to flow with the curvature in the road ahead. These headlights only activate when the vehicle is in a mobile position.

What kinds of headlights are there for BMW?

BMW 3 Series headlights come in a variety of styles and showcase various bulbs to help illuminate the road for drivers. There are two types of headlights for this BMW series.

  • Xenon headlights: Xenon headlights are also referred to as Xenon HID OEM and offer increased visibility for the BMW driver. These LED headlights exude a high intensity discharge, and are made with a quartz casing. The lifetime of this LED headlight can be up to 2000 hours.
  • Halogen headlights: These headlights have an extensive lifetime with normal wear and tear, up to 1000 hours. The lights are made with a glass casing and made to withstand higher temperatures. They are also versatile in that they illuminate and dim as needed.
What color are BMW headlights?

BMW lighting can range from a natural yellow tone to a bright white lighting shadowed by a touch of blue. Xenon HID OEM headlights come in shades of bright white, while Halogen headlights comes in shades of off white or yellow.

How do you change BMW headlights?

Headlights may need to be changed from time to time. Once a headlight fades out or stops glowing overtime, it will need to be replaced. Take precautions and carefully replace them when they need to be changed out. To replace the headlight, access where the holder is located and remove the bulb by disconnecting the old bulbs wiring. Once this is done, take the new bulb and connect it to the existing wiring.

How do you clean BMW headlights from the inside?

Keeping headlights clean is a part of proper car maintenance. Check the owners manual first to see how the light should be removed before the cleaning starts. Common cleaning supplies include a cleaning kit, water, towels, and any brushes or mild cleaning solutions. To start, clean the surface of anything that may have gathered on the headlight. Once the surface is cleaned with the cleaning solution, dry the headlight with a towel. Glass polish can also be used as an additional brightener. This will help to keep headlights clear and fog free.