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Floor Mats and Carpets for Saab

Floor mats and carpets allows you to equip your Saab vehicle with mats that will protect the car floor from dirt, dust, and scratches. These floor mats are available from various brands such as 3D MAXpider, Premier Floormats, Wheelskins, and Intro-Tech Automotive. They also come in many different colors to match any Saab model you have.

What materials are Saab floor mats made from?

Most of these floor mats come in two different materials: carpet and rubber. Both are designed to keep the floor of your Saab from becoming dirty. Each has its own advantages, as well:

  • Carpet: These typically consist of woven nylon and berber yarns that are highly durable and comfortable to step on. They can be thin or thick depending on your preference, and may have a heavy plastic or rubber backing. This is to ensure that the floor mats stay in place. They also have spikes on the underside to keep them in place as well. These floor mats can come in many colors and styles.
  • Rubber: When it comes to rubber floor mats, these Saab mats offer a wide array of benefits. For one, they reduce vibrations and noise, no matter how many people are in the car. This material is also slip-resistant, whether wet or dry. Due to the way these mats are constructed, they are fully water-resistant and will trap liquid along with dust and dirt. Some of these floor mats also come with the Saab logo imprinted on it.
What colors are Saab floor mats available in?

Floor mats for Saab vehicles can come in a wide array of colors, allowing you to select ones that match the interior of your Saab. Many of these mats come in black, tan, and gray. Some additional colors available to you include blue, brown, burgundy, clear, red, silver, white, and yellow.

How do you keep these floor mats clean?

Once dust has accumulated onto the Saab floor mats, you might want to consider cleaning them to ensure the interior remains in good condition. When it comes to rubber mats, a combination of soap and water, along with a scrub brush, should assist you in getting rid of any stains. Carpet models may require a stain remover. You can also toss them into the washer with detergent to get rid of built-up substances. Once you have washed them, you will need to let them dry completely before placing them back into your Saab.