Car Lighting

Car Lighting

Getting the proper car lighting is essential to your safety. Every vehicle should be equipped with lights that provide clear vision in dark conditions and also offer the necessary utility function to the driver and/or passengers. Most drivers will find that vehicle lights like headlights and tail lights need to be replaced after some time, and a solution for vehicles is LED lights, but there are several other options available as well.

What various car light options are available?

There are three main choices when it comes to lighting solutions: LED, Xenon HID, and Halogen. They differ primarily in the color temperature and longevity.

  • Halogen lights are the most common type of car light because of their low price. They produce anywhere from 3,000 K to 5,000 K in color temperature, which is a measurement of color and brightness of the light. They are easy to install and have a lifespan of 200 to 400 hours.
  • Xenon is another option. It is a step up in pricing and can produce anywhere from 4,000 K to 6,000 K. These lights are recognizable for the blue tint they create. They last over 2,000 hours or more and consume less power, which is why they are a reliable upgrade.
  • LED is the last option. They have a similar color temperature at 4,000 K to 6,000 K, but they have a lifetime value of 5,000 hours. LED lights are ideal for car owners that dont want to deal with changing their headlights for a long time. LEDs are also the most economical solution due to the lifespan of the lights.
What other vehicle car light solutions are available?

Car lights go beyond headlights and tail lights. You can also get car lights for the interior of your car. LED lights are a popular choice for interior lights. LED light accessories are available as strip lights and attachable fixtures. These LED lights can be an added utility if internal light conditions are poor, or they can simply be installed to add decorative lighting effects.

Exterior LED lights can also be used as design accessories for trucks, SUVs, and cars. Decorative underbody lights are flexible and can be installed in creative ways. They are available in a wide variety of cuts, colors, and sizes. Another exterior LED lighting option thats popular for trucks are attachable LED lights, which add another layer of brightness and support existing headlights. Its perfect for car owners that often take outdoor camping trips.

How do you find the right light size for your vehicle?

To ensure that you buy a car light that fits your vehicle, figure out what kind of light you plan on getting then match it to the correct bulb size for your car. For example, Xenon-HID Bulbs come in sizes like D1S, D1R, D2S, etc. For LED lighting, its recommended that you get it set up with the help of a professional. When in doubt, do some research for your car make and model to see what lighting and sizing it comes equipped with.