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Finding the Right Canon Camera Lens Cap

Lenses are a vital piece of camera equipment because if the lens is damaged, the camera is rendered useless. As such, it is important to protect them with a lens cap when the camera is not in use. Doing so goes a long way towards ensuring a long lifespan for your equipment and prevents your lens from becoming broken, scratched, or compromised by dust or other debris. As you shop, search for lens caps manufactured by a reputable brand such as Canon, as Canon lens caps are renowned for their quality and durability.

What is the difference between front and rear lens caps?

There are several notable differences between front and rear lens caps. It is important to understand these differences in order to find the right cap for your specific application.

  • Front Lens Caps: Front lens caps go on the front of the lens, and these lens caps vary in type and in size.
  • Rear Lens Caps: Rear lens caps mount on the rear of your lens when your lens is removed from the camera body. These caps are only needed for cameras that take interchangeable lenses.

What are the different types of Canon lens caps?

There are several types of Canon lens caps, including snap-on lens caps, screw-in lens caps, and push-on lens caps. Choosing the right one is merely a matter of personal preference, so when searching, consider the characteristics of each.

  • Snap-On Caps: Snap-on lens caps fit inside the filter ring of the lens. These caps are sized to the same diameter of the filter ring.
  • Screw-In Caps: Screw-in lens caps thread directly onto the front of the lens. These caps are typically made of metal.
  • Push-On Caps: Push-on lens caps fit around the outside of the lens. These caps are generally less secure than other cap types are, but they are well suited for lenses that do not feature filter threads.

What other protective gear should I purchase for my camera?

In addition to a lens cap, consider purchasing a case or wrap for your lens. These accessories provide an added layer of protection. When searching, consider the following:

  • Lens cases: Lens cases may be constructed from a soft or a hard material. While some cases feature a drawstring closure, some come equipped with a zipper, and others may include a belt loop or removable shoulder straps. No matter which type you prefer, make sure to measure your lens prior to purchase to ensure a secure and proper fit.
  • Lens wraps: Lens wraps come in various sizes and have a design that protects lenses, cameras, and other necessary equipment. Touch fasteners, which are sewn into each corner of the wrap, safely secure the wrap in place.

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