Camera Accessory Bundle for Pentax K

A Guide to Accessory Bundles for PENTAX K Cameras

PENTAX developed the K-mount 35mm camera in 1975 and continually improved upon the design, offering new iterations of the 35mm version as well as digital SLR versions. The K-mount system, a locking bayonet system that allows interchangeable lenses, allows for different accessory bundles to be used across different PENTAX K cameras. Accessory bundles provide you with lenses for different focal distances, supply you with the tools needed to clean and care for your photography equipment, and may also include padded bags for safe storage of your equipment and accessories.

What manufacturers produce accessory bundles for PENTAX K cameras?

The adaptability of the K Mount system of PENTAX K cameras has allowed several different manufacturers to produce accessory bundles for these units since their introduction in 1975. Some common manufacturers include:

  • Vivitar
  • Opteka
  • Samsung
  • Chinon
  • Loreo
What are some items typically included in a bundle?

A basic camera accessory bundle for PENTAX K cameras may include a battery pack, one or two lenses, and lens cleaning tools. Specialty bundles such as zoom mounts may include a large zoom lens, an articulating tripod, and lens cleaning equipment. For deluxe accessory packs, these may include two to three different lenses, lens cleaning equipment, a padded bag with separate lens storage, light kits, battery packs, lens filters, and memory cards.

Is there a difference between a zoom and telephoto lens?

Zoom lenses are different from telephoto lenses in that a zoom lens can adjust from a wide angle focus to a distant focal point. A zoom lens can also be a wide-angle zoom lens only. Telephoto lenses work to focus solely on a distant focal point and create a finished image where the subjects in the photo appears closer than they actually are in real life.

Are all PENTAX K-mount accessories interchangeable?

While the PENTAX K-mount system was revolutionary in creating an easily interchangeable lens mount system that allowed for different manufacturers to create lenses for PENTAX K cameras, there have been many iterations of the PENTAX K camera, both 35mm and digital SLR. It is important to verify that any accessory bundle you purchase is compatible with your PENTAX K camera. Additionally, accessories manufactured for digital SLR cameras, such as memory cards and Wi-Fi adaptors, will not work with older PENTAX K 35mm cameras that were manufactured and sold prior to this technology.

What does a lens filter do?

A lens filter attaches to the front of your camera lens and serves to filter the light that enters the lens. There are two main types of lens filters:

  • CPL or Polarizing Lens Filter: This filter helps to reduce the glare of light entering the lens and thus improve the finished photographic image.
  • UV or Haze filter: This lens serves to protect the delicate glass of your camera lens from harmful UV rays. Many digital SLR lenses come equipped with built-in UV protection.
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