Butterfly Lens Sunglasses for Women

Butterfly lens sunglasses are unique. They come in bold and neutral colors, giving you a wide selection. Their designs also vary. Some are bold, while others are more subtle. The lenses come in various colors like light yellow and green, sky blue with a pink finish, and black.

These versatile butterfly frame sunglasses can complete your late-night party look or protect your eyes from bright sunlight. You can get an oversized pair if you are looking for ones to match your contemporary look.

What are butterfly sunglasses?

Butterfly sunglasses or butterfly frames sunglasses have frames that resemble butterfly wings. The main feature that makes them resemble a butterfly is the inside edge near the nose, which is usually smaller than the outside edges.

The sizes may vary, but they still maintain the butterfly shape. Some edges of the frames have some extension to the outside to form actual butterfly wings, others have a rectangular shape, but the inside part near the nose changes the whole look to be butterfly-like.

What are the features of butterfly lens sunglasses for women?

Butterflies have always been charming and full of joy, like a sunny day in the spring. Sunglasses serve the same purpose, bringing out the joyful personality in a person. The shape is cute and transfers the beauty to the person wearing them. Some of the features include:

  • Oversized: You can get oversized butterfly sunglasses that cover a big part of your eyes, giving you enough protection from the sun during spring. Most of them are oversized, which attracts the style of most celebrities.
  • Wider than regular glasses: Their width not only assures protection but also portrays a simple yet stylish look.
  • Thick or thin frames: The frames' size may change the entire look of your outfit. Thick frames make for a bold look that pops. Thin ones leave you looking cool and at the same time elegant.
  • Slim or broad temples: This is another feature that will give your look a vibe. Whether slim or broad, the decorative touches around the temples will perk up your look. You can have them in gold, silver, black, or any other hue you prefer to match your outfit.
What about the materials?

These sunglasses come in a range of materials. The frame may be metal or plastic. The lens material differs and may include polycarbonate, mirror, plastic, and glass. Some materials will give you a trendy look, others a classic look. All in all, they all offer something stylish that you can vibe with on vacation or use to add springtime flair to your daily routine.

What is the lens color?

Like their namesake, these sunglasses features a multicolor lens. Remember, butterfly lens sunglasses mainly offer that bold look. You can get wide lens sunglasses for women with a touch of vibrant multicolors for an elegant style.