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Golf Like a Pro Using a Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

Are you new to golf and find that you are having trouble determining the distance that you need to swing to get on the green? If so, a Bushnell golf rangefinder scope can be a very useful tool that you can use to make the distance that you need for each golf swing. Beginners may use rangefinders instead of yard markers, but professionals will also use these tools to ensure that their swing is right where they want it to be. 

What to look for in Bushnell golf rangefinders 

There are a lot of different features that you will want to consider when you are shopping for a used or new golf rangefinder on eBay. Some features to consider include:  

  • The range that the device covers
  • The accuracy of the rangefinder
  • The size and the weight of the device
  • Whether the rangefinder is approved to be used in tournaments
  • The readability of the display

How long does a Bushnell golf rangefinder battery typically last? 

The battery life of one of these rangefinders will vary based on how often you golf during the year and how long each game takes. In general, the batteries will last for about a period of six months in most Bushnell golf rangefinders. 

How can a Bushnell rangefinder help your golf game? 

A rangefinder can help improve your golf game in a number of different ways. It can help you make calculations for your swing more quickly, which can speed up your overall game. The accuracy of your swing could also increase, which will give you more confidence in the future. 

What other features can Bushnell rangefinders have? 

There are hybrid models you may be able to find that combines a laser rangefinder and a GPS application. This can give you more information on the course and help you prepare for the hazards that can be found along the course. Some models are also weatherproof, so you won't have to worry about inclement weather as much.