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Bright Crystal by Versace Women's Fragrances

Bright Crystal by Versace Women's Fragrances for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it is about time you start shopping for gifts. You can check out eBay's selection of Bright Crystal by Versace women’s fragrances, available in Eau de parfum and eau de toilette formulations. The Bright Crystal by Versace women's fragrance has heart notes with a botanical blend of rich magnolia, lotus, and peony. The base notes of Bright Crystal comprise of vegetal amber, sensual musks, and deep mahogany. Be sure to pick the size that's suitable for your mother's requirements. You can use eBay's Mother's Day deals, if you are running on a budget, and select something from the various pre-owned options available on eBay.

What notes are used in Bright Crystal perfume?

The fragrance of Versaces Bright Crystal is a balance of many floral notes. The top notes are fresh pomegranate, yuzu, and iced accord. The heart notes are a botanical blend of rich magnolia, lotus, and peony. The base of Bright Crystal is made up of vegetal amber, sensual musks, and deep mahogany.

How do you apply Bright Crystal?

How you apply the item can help you get the most out of the perfume, so try the following tips:

  • Preparation: First, start with clean, hydrated skin. Shower using moisturizing oil or apply unscented lotion afterward.
  • Apply before dressing: Apply your fragrance before you dress. The fragrance will not only smell better on you than your clothes, but it will also last longer. It will also eliminate the worry that a watermark or stain will be left on your clothing.
  • Application: Hold the fragrance bottle five to seven inches away from the area where youd like to apply the perfume, and spray it evenly onto your skin. If the area becomes wet from the spray, you have used too much or youre holding the bottle too close to your body. For a lighter version of your fragrance, spritz it into the air and quickly walk through the resulting mist. This technique will distribute a milder application of the fragrance evenly over you.
  • Pulse points: By applying the fragrance to your pulse points, areas of heat will activate the perfume. As a result, the top notes will emerge faster, and your scent will last longer. Apply behind the ears, in the collarbone area, along the neckline, inside the elbows, over the belly button, and behind the knees.
  • Vaseline: Using the occlusive ointment at your pulse points before applying your fragrance will hold it longer than your skin alone.
  • Wrists: Yes, you can apply the fragrance to your wrists. Just dont rub your wrists together once you have. Doing so not only ruins your top notes, it will shorten the life of the fragrance there.
  • Hair: You can apply the fragrance to your hair, but it’s better to not apply it directly because alcohol-based perfumes will dry out your locks. Instead, apply the fragrance to your hairbrush and use that to transfer the fragrance to your hair.
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