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Enjoy Quality Home Entertainment With the Bose Lifestyle 38 System

The Bose Lifestyle 38 is a DVD home entertainment system manufactured by the company between 2004 and 2006. If you're interested in vintage electronics, shop for new and pre-owned classics at affordable prices on eBay.

What components are included with the Bose Lifestyle 38 system?

This home entertainment system includes:

  • A media center with two set-up DVD discs
  • Five cube-shaped speakers with rubber feet
  • Power supply and cords
  • Remote control
  • Acoustimass module with AC power cord
How should you place your Bose surround sound speakers?

To create the authentic atmosphere of a theater at home, place the left and right surround sound speakers vertically aligned with the center of the TV screen and each approximately 3 feet from the screen's edge. The array speakers have a top cube that can be rotated toward the wall to reflect the sound. The center speaker should be placed directly above or below the center of the TV screen so that the sound seems to be emitted directly from the picture. Surround speakers should be placed in the back half of the room at approximately ear height. The Acoustimass module should be placed in the front half of the room but no more than 20 feet from the front speakers.

How do you set up your Bose Lifestyle 38 system?

Once you place the speakers, you'll need to plug them into the Acoustimass module using the appropriate two-wire connectors. These are labeled left, right, and center, and they are also color coded. Simply attach one end to the back of the speaker and the other end to the appropriate jack on the back of the module. Next, use the input cable to connect the module to the media center. Then, connect the AM and FM antennas to the rear panel of the media center. Connect the audio cables to the correct ports on the back of the media center and your television. Do the same with the proper video input. Finally, select the video input that represents the media center, and plug the AC adaptors of all system components into the wall.

How do you begin using your surround sound speakers?

After following the set-up instructions above, insert Disc 1 from the Lifestyle 38 package. This disc will walk you through steps to ensure that your speakers are connected and working correctly. Then, insert Disc 2 to calibrate your audio for optimal system performance.

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