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Questions About the Bose Lifestyle 28

The Bose Lifestyle 28 is a versatile home entertainment system that can be used in many rooms throughout your home. This system includes speakers and a DVD player with remote control, and it can be installed in your living room, family room, or other area in your home where you want premium sound and entertainment options. eBay makes the searching and buying process easy, and as eBay offers a large selection of used and pre-owned Bose systems, you can quickly find the product you want.

What is the Bose Lifestyle 28?

The original Bose Lifestyle 28 system was designed to provide you with quality sound and entertainment. The pieces included will depend on the exact product you purchase. The original system from Bose has a DVD player, a subwoofer, a remote control, five speakers with brackets for mounting, and the cables needed for installation. Used systems may include some or all of the previously listed pieces. It's important to read the exact product description to know what pieces are included with the system you choose to purchase.

What are the connection options for this system?

This system from Bose can connect to most TVs and entertainment systems using several different connection options. The following is a list of the connections that can be used with this DVD surround sound system.

  • Optional HDMI adapter for high definition connections
  • Bose_x001A_s link technology allows you to connect with other Bose devices
  • AM antenna for listening to music
  • Audio/video input to connect to most TVs
Can you purchase replacement parts for this system from Bose?

There are ways to purchase replacement parts for the Bose Lifestyle 28 system. Most parts are interchangeable between the different entertainment systems from the brand. You can purchase affordable speakers, the console, connectors, and some other parts on eBay if you don't need to buy the entire system altogether. It's important to note that while some parts are compatible between the Lifestyle 28 and other Bose entertainment systems, you should always read the product description thoroughly to be sure the parts you order will work with your system.

How can you use the Bose Lifestyle 28 entertainment system?

The Bose Lifestyle 28 entertainment system can be used to add quality sound and DVD viewing options to your home. It works well in large rooms where you have space to install the five included speakers for surround sound. This system from Bose can be used in the family room, a recreational space, home theater, or other room where optimum sound is ideal.

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