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Compact Stereos for Shelves and Other Small Spaces

Relatively small, a Bose stereo system means the electronics fit almost anywhere. Place it on a kitchen counter, a living room shelf, or on a bedroom nightstand. The units portability, iPod docking, and other features ensure youll enjoy stereo-quality audio sounds in any room.

Whats the History of the Company?

People are the primary focus when the manufacturer designs products for customers. Other principles the company esteems are innovation, technology, and promoting excellence in all phases of production. In 1964, the founder Dr. Amar Bose launched the companys first speaker in 1966 and expanded globally in 1972. Moreover, the product line evolved through the years helping to redefine home theater systems. Eventually, in 1993 waveguide technology was invented for use in tabletop systems that produced room-filling sounds. The company continues to develop products consumers like, notably the palm-sized SoundLink mini speaker launched in 2013.

Along With iPod Docking, What Features Do Compact Stereos Have?

  • Bluetooth Receiver: Add an adapter to the Wave music system and use the connector to access favorite music playlists. You can dock an iPod or other tablet brand and any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to enjoy wireless connectivity. This docking station feature is similar to the discontinued SoundDock digital music systems manufactured from 2004-2013.
  • CD Player: The system has a built-in player to play CDs and MP3s. Theres also an AM/FM radio that includes an FM tuner that displays information about the song and artist. Use the radio presets to select favorite AM and FM radio stations.
  • Remote Control: For convenience, you can control functions from an easy chair using the infrared remote control. The slimline accessory fits easily inside pants or chair pockets.
  • Additional Features: Use the headphone jack to enjoy favorite audio sounds privately. The built-in alarm clock has on/off/snooze controls on the top of the unit and a brightness adjustment. Transport the plug-and-play unit from your bedroom to the kitchen or to any room you desire.

Is There an Auxiliary Antenna Compatible With the Shelf Stereo?

The company makes a 9-foot long antenna that plugs into the 1/8-inch input on the back of the unit. It has 2-foot Y extensions designed to boost RM reception when you experience weak signal strength. The external dipole antenna is compatible with all Wave systems. Furthermore, the manufacturer recommends that you place the end of the antenna as far away from the stereo as possible. Individuals living in rural areas find that the accessory improves signal strength while enhancing sound quality by removing static.

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