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Enjoy Bose's Signature Sound While Using Bose AV3-2-1 Speakers With Home Theater System

Bose AV3-2-1 speakers can produce bold, dramatic sounds like the audio equipment that's used in a theater. When you play movies using Bose AV3 speakers, you'll hear and feel sounds as the hardware bounces waves around the environment. On eBay, you'll find Bose AV3-2-1 equipment for small spaces and systems that can project sound around a spacious gathering room.

What are the channels for Bose AV3-2-1 equipment?

Bose makes AV3-2-1 sound systems with different speaker configurations or channels. The main channels options are:

  • 2.1 channel - A 2.1 channel surround sound system has two speakers that produce stereo sounds. The extra speaker that's included in this bundle is a subwoofer. This speaker transmits deep bass sounds by upgrading traditional bass effects.
  • 5.1 channel - This is the most popular Bose home audio layout. A 5.1 system has five speakers with a low-frequency channel.
What are the common Bose AV3-2-1 speaker features?

The main Bose AV3-2-1 equipment features give users more opportunities to enjoy movies and other content. You'll find a variety of affordable options on eBay, allowing you to take advantage of a features like:

  • Component output - This output uses a single signal to generate images and videos on an analog television. Although a component input doesn't transmit an audio signal, you can use this port to take your viewing experience to the next level.
  • Digital tuner - A digital tuner is another feature that provides additional viewing opportunities. This hardware helps a Bose receiver transmit a digital signal from local television stations.
  • DVD player - Some Bose AV3-2-1 receivers can play DVDs. If you use a component port with a built-in DVD player, the receiver will upgrade the DVD video.
What disc formats are compatible with Bose speakers?

The disc drive that's included on a Bose receiver can play audio in different formats. As music plays, Bose's signature hardware will make low notes more vibrant and high sounds crisper. Bose receivers can play CDs and DVDs.

What are surround sound format options for Bose AV3 hardware?

A Bose AV3-2-1 can play DVDs and CDs that were produced with surround sound technology. The surround sound technology that's featured with most Bose home theater units will vary; however, every receiver will have an industry-standard, surround sound chip. Bose makes AV3-2-1 units that can produce:

  • Dolby sounds
  • Dolby Digital sounds
  • DTS sounds
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