Boats and Watercraft Manuals and Literature

Manuals for boats and personal watercraft are helpful guides that explain important safety features, information about parts, and requirements for maintenance of the vehicle. The literature is designed to help you maintain and repair the vehicle and to know how to safely use it. Major manufacturers of jet boats and regular boats create the manuals, as do independent entities that are not affiliated with a particular brand.

What are the features of boat and watercraft manuals?
  • Multiple binding options: Manuals for boats and other vehicles that go out on the water may have a spiral binding, three-ring hole punched binding for placement in a binder, or a sewn or stapled binding like a book. Many manuals for boats are enclosed in a waterproof cover to prevent moisture intrusion so that you can keep the manual on the boat and use it when you need it.
  • Table of contents: Literature and owners manuals for boats usually have a table of contents. This makes it easier to find the specific information you need.
  • Tabbed or color-coded pages: Another helpful feature of owners manuals for boats is tabbed sections. This allows you to go to the part for the engine or another section. Instead of tabs, some of the manuals have color-coded pages.
What information do boat manuals include?
  • Description of parts: Boat manuals include a description of parts, such as the size of the propeller, the horsepower of the engine, and the overall dimensions of the watercraft.
  • Placement of parts: Manuals also describe where each part is located on a boat or personal watercraft. If you need to disassemble a part, the manual explains how to do this in a step-wise manner so that you can remove a part, clean or repair it, replace it if necessary, and then put the rest of the parts back together. The manual also describes what tools are needed to take parts off the boat or watercraft and put them back on again.
  • Maintenance requirements: Each type of boat or other vehicle that goes out on the water has maintenance requirements. The recommended maintenance may differ from year to year or from make to make. Each manufacturer also has its own maintenance recommendations.
How do you use manuals for boats and watercraft?

Owners manuals for personal watercraft and boats help you to understand how all of the parts work. If you need to check a funny noise coming from the propeller or engine, the manual for the personal watercraft or boat will have diagrams and written descriptions of the parts and their functions. You can also use the manual to ensure that you are following the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule. The manuals for boats also explain the typical lifespan of certain parts, such as the battery or hoses in the engine. You may also refer to the manuals so you know how to winterize your boat or jet ski. Manuals can be used to figure out how to properly attach your jet ski to a trailer for moving it from land to water, for example.