Barco partes del cuerpo

Boat Body Parts

Boats come in a wide range of sizes made to float, travel, and work on water. Their wide variety of sizes, construction methods, and shapes are dependent on the intended purpose of that vessel. Each boat body part and accessory has a special role to play to ensure that the vessel stays afloat and that those on board are safe.

What are the different boat parts?
  • Bow: This is the anterior portion of the hull. As the vessel moves forward this is the part that is visible from the front.
  • Cabin: This is the part that is underneath the deck where one can spend time and sleep. It can be one single room or an entire space of multiple rooms.
  • Deck: This portion sits above the hull. It serves as a roof to the hull and is the place where a lot of navigation work takes place.
  • Fenders: Normally made of rubber or plastic, it bars the boat from crashing onto a pier. This prevents any damage on the pier and the boat in places where they might come into contact.
  • Hatch: This part connects the deck and the bottom of the boat. Depending on the design and the purpose of the boat, they can have single or multiple hatches.
  • Helm: This is a significant part of the vessel as it allows one to steer the boat when navigating along in the water. It is more like a wheel that controls the direction of the vessel.
  • Keel: It is the central beam running from the back (stern) to the front (bow) and passes through the center of the vessel. It is considered the foundation of the boat, and its typically hidden from view.
What are the different hull shapes?

The hull is a part of the boat usually considered as its body. When it comes to hull shapes, the main term to consider is the deadrise, which is simply the angle on either side of the boat that makes an imaginary horizontal line.

  • Flat-bottom hulls: This has no deadrise or has just a few degrees. They are popular among hot performance boats that speedily skim across the smooth waters of rivers and lakes. Also, the majority of tournament waterski boats have this design as it creates a smooth wake during skiing.
  • Deep V Hulls: This is wedge-shaped from the stern to the bow. It provides a smooth ride in rough waters. This design is popular among offshore sports boats since the hull knifes cut through the waves as opposed to pounding on it.
  • Modified V: Also called a warped plane. It is common among small boats as it combines the desirable features of the other shapes. It has flatter sections near the stern thus adding stability and increasing the speed, like the flat-bottomed hull.
What should you look for in boat parts?

Whether youre purchasing an individual part or a complete kit for your boat, its important to check the compatibility of the part(s). For instance, a Malibu boat will have needs that are wildly different from a Monte Carlo yacht. Avoiding scams is also important, so do your homework when shopping. When purchasing parts, also check to see if your part has been subject to any recalls. By keeping functional parts in your boat at all times, you can ensure that your boat lasts longer and rides smoother.