A Simple Introduction to Blaw Knox Pavers

Established in 1917, Blaw Knox Construction Equipment Corporation, a subsidiary of Volvo, produces Blaw Knox pavers. Asphalt and concrete pavers, or asphalt paving machines, are a key piece of asphalt construction equipment. The paver machines provide a smooth uniform road surface.

The importance of a concrete and asphalt paver

The paver comprises one of many of the key pieces of equipment needed to construct a road or finished concrete surface. Other machines include buckets, cold planers, concrete pump trucks, concrete blowers, finishers, milling machines, saws, tank trailers, tandem vibratory rollers, and more. Each has numerous moving parts and all machinery needs to work well together. Some construction consultants recommend purchasing equipment from a single manufacturer, such as Blaw Knox; others recommend purchasing equipment from various manufacturers that works well together. The process is complicated, and inter-functionality is key. Some machines allow the attachment of texturing accessories like a roller or comb to complete the process of road formation using artificial turf drag, burlap drag, or wire brooming. The paver needs to travel at a constant rate of speed in a straight line to properly lay road. This can make an automated system a more effective one.

How do concrete and asphalt pavers work?

A paver consists of many parts working together, and it may include attachments or accessories.

  1. The paver receives its asphalt payload into its hopper from a material transfer unit or dump truck.
  2. The paver’s conveyor transports the asphalt from its hopper to its auger.
  3. The auger transmits the asphalt material to a spot in front of the screed.
  4. The screen spreads the asphalt over the road’s width. It initially compacts the asphalt.
  5. The free-floating screen attaches to the back of the paver then drags across the asphalt to create a smooth, uniform surface.
Which pavers will you find available on eBay?

You will find an affordably priced Blaw Knox paver for sale to suit your needs, whether that is a ride-on or self-propelled unit from independent sellers and from certified Blaw Knox paver dealers. There are both new and used asphalt pavers and road wideners at eBay. These machines are available for local pickup or global delivery. The firm manufactures a large line of machines, so read the Blaw Knox paver specs carefully to ensure you are purchasing the right paver for your needs. You will also find aftermarket parts, such as Bitelli paver parts, that are crafted to fit the Blaw Knox machines. Some machines come with a Blaw Knox paver manual. Some machines can be used for fixed-form paving. Others are designed for slipform paving, such as is used with laying freeways.

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