Protect Your Discs in CD and DVD Jewel Cases

When you've got a collection of CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs, over time their jewel cases can become a little scratched, scuffed, or accidentally cracked and need replacing. Or, you may like to use discs to back up, copy and store your electronic files. If you do, you may get your discs in bulk on spindles, but need jewel cases for individual storage and identification.

Are There Different Sizes and Types of DVD and CD Cases?

You can find different sizes and designs in plastic jewel cases. They are available for storing single or multiple disks, and in different colors.

  • Standard Cases: A standard CD jewel case is sized and designed to hold one standard CD or DVD and has a total thickness of 10 mm. This size usually comprises of the casing, which may be clear or colored, and an inside tray for securing your disc in place.
  • Slim Cases: Slimline cases are great if you want to save on storage space. Single slimline designs usually have a 7 mm case thickness, meaning a stack of them uses much less space. Often you will fit two slim cases into one slot on a standard CD rack.
  • Double Cases: Double (two-panel) cases are available for storing two discs in one case. These may come as two cases joined together, and therefore double the width of a standard case, or the insert tray may be hinged for storing two discs on either side of the tray.
  • Multiple Cases: For storing multiple discs in one case, multiple jewel cases may have one or more hinged trays, and tray inserts in both the front and/or back of sleeves as well. These may be four-panel or six-panel designs.
  • Colors: DVD and CD jewel cases can come in assorted colors. Typically, they are made from clear or opaque transparent sleeves with black backs or tray inserts for you to insert your own labels or cards to identify your media. However, a range of other colors are also available if you like to color code your collections.

What Else Can You Use CD and DVD Cases For?

Jewel cases are also often sought by creative, crafty, and DIY folk. Aside from disc storage, other uses of jewel cases include repurposing them to:

  • Storage Cubes: Glued together, jewel cases make great storage cubes for small items such as kids jewelry, pens, and pencils, or holding placing your mobile phone.
  • Photo/Display frames: Insert or keep your printed images and photos your own images and photos into the cases, or they can be painted, decorated, and strung together for personalized wall hangings.
  • Mini Glasshouses: If you're into gardening and have a bunch of tender seedlings to protect, a series of empty jewel cases glued together can make an ideal mini hothouse.