Choosing Media Carrying Cases and Wallets

When youre traveling and want to take your CDs on the road with you, or when youre having a movie marathon at your friends house and want to load up on DVDs, youll need a reliable carrying case to carry blank media or discs with music and movies already on them.

What Are Some Types of Media Cases?

There are a few types of media storage to select from, and you can drill down to the right type based on how many discs youll be carrying and the features youre interested in.

  • A media wallet is full of individual sleeves, and you can slip a disc into each sleeve to keep it protected. Theyre usually double-sided so you can put one disc on each side of the pouch and flip through it to find what you need. They also secure with a zipper, magnet, or snap in most cases.
  • You may just need single cases for individual discs. These cases, often called jewel cases, are made of plastic, come designed for movies or CDs, and are available in assorted colors.
  • Another option is to slip a disc into a paper sleeve and put it into sturdier storage when you need to, with the paper serving as a buffer between the media and the material your case is made from.

Which Features Do Media Wallets Offer?

The main job of a case is to protect, store, and organize your blank media or regular CDs and DVDs, but the cases have additional features that make them more beneficial to use.

  • A water-resistant wallet or more rugged case means you dont have to worry when youre out with your media and it starts to sprinkle.
  • Wallets and bags with dividers keep each case organized and ensure that the discs dont rub against each other.
  • There are some cases and soft pouches and bags that have extra storage compartments for accessories, such as earbuds, media players, or other equipment.

Which Brands Make Media Carrying Cases?

You can select from a variety of brands when it comes to finding the right carrying case for your discs. They come in varied sizes to meet your needs and with many protective features.

  • Case Logic offers a wide variety of carrying cases for media. It makes CD wallets in many sizes, including models that hold as few as 12 or up to over 200 media discs.
  • Check into Discgear for a portable case that includes inner sleeves that protect each disc and keep them organized properly.
  • For a hard case with a handle that holds only 12 discs, Smartbuy cases come in assorted bold colors such as blue, and they clean up easily due to their rigid plastic material.

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