Black Boots for Women

Black Boots for Women

A main staple of a womens fashion wardrobe is the black boot. Fashionable in three out of four seasons a year, as the sandal rules the summer season, the black boot can be found featuring all types of heels, styles, and materials. As the color black can go with everything, you may want to stock your closet with more than one pair of black boots for women in different styles.

When can you wear black boots for women?

Black is the go to color in fashion, whatever the look you are trying to create. A pair of black boots for women is a fashion staple that can match every outfit you own. Whether its a red dress or jeans and a tee, black boots can be a great accompaniment. With all of the styles and materials of boots available for sale, you can even develop a whole collection of womens black boots from flats to heels, booties to thigh-highs.

What size of heels are available in black boots?

If you have a heel size you prefer, you are in luck. Black boots are available in all heel heights, including the following:

  • Low to flat heels: These include suede and leather moccasin boots, fashion boots, snow boots, rain boots and riding boots. Flats add to the functionality of a boot. They are easy to walk in, making them just right for inclement weather, trail hiking, or work on ones feet. Flat boots can have a casual look or a sophisticated, styled elegance.
  • Mid-heel boots: These are available in many styles, from casual options to dressy choices. Fashion boots with a slight lift can be accented with zippers, buckles, or laces. All bring out the classy look of a mid-heeled black boot.
  • High-heel boots: These are available in several different styles including boxed, spool and wedge heels. Some more heel types include the stiletto, which has a thin tall back, and the platform, which adds to the height in the toe of the boot as well.

What style of black boots can you wear with a dress?

  • Ankle black boots: When you want to show off your legs in a mid- to mini-dress, black ankle boots are the way to go. If it is chilly outside, pair the boots with colored wool tights.
  • Mid-calf black boots: Over the calf and lower-rise boots work well with a knee length or long skirt. This type of boot can create a fashionable look, and their functionality will protect your legs from the weather and look great while doing it.
  • Over-the-knee black boots: This sexy style of thigh-high boot is a magnificent fit for your mini-dresses and skirts. Styled with a metallic zipper or textured material, over the knee black boots will give your outfit a beautiful, dramatic finishing touch.