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Bicycle Fenders

Front fenders or rear fenders are necessary components of a bicycle. These pieces ensure the overall mechanics of the bicycle run smoothly by providing a shield that keeps debris away from the chain and other vital elements. Here are frequently asked questions about the different fenders.

What is the fender?

The fender is the wing of the bike that protects it from mud and other forms of debris that could make riding hazardous. Fenders also work to keep the rider clean. They are helpful when riding in muddy terrains or side roads with a considerable amount of rain or water puddles.

What parts of the bicycle do fenders protect the most?

The derailleurs, which allow for gear shifting on mountain bikes and other advanced bicycles, are often damaged by excessive water and dust. Bike fenders extend the life of this area and keep the gears from rusting. Additionally, the chain is also an area that takes excessive abuse at the hands of road particles. The fender guards against erosion on the chain and extends its life.

How do you select the right size?

The size and thickness of your tires help you determine the right size of your shield. Many bikes reveal wheel measurements on their sidewalls. This size should help when selecting a fender.

Can you buy a fender with a light reflector?

Some components are sold with lights and reflectors attached to them, while others have designated spaces that allow for installation of such accessories.

What is a fender skirt?

The fender skirt is a piece of bodywork on the fender that covers the top portion of the rear tires of the auto.

What are the different types of bike fenders?

Bicycle fenders come in the following forms:

  • Full-length, which offer riders complete protection by covering up to 180 degrees of the tire.
  • Clip-on, which is the ideal choice when your bike does not have mounts for standard bicycle fenders.
In what type of weather do fenders work best?

Guards are suitable for all weather conditions but prove most useful during winter months. Storms are usually when bicycle chains become damaged beyond repair and other components of the structure are compromised. Guards serve to keep things like water and mud out so that riders can enjoy their bikes longer.

What are some bike fender brands?

Bike fender brands include:

  • SKS
  • BlueSunshine
  • Mucky Nutz
  • Mokfire
  • Firmstrong
  • Planet Bike

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