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Bang and Olufsen Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Bang & Olufsen home speakers and subwoofers are designed to help buyers take advantage of their home audio system. They are engineered to produce a wide range of sounds and tones. Bang & Olufsen home speakers can be hooked up to various audio systems so that you can readily listen to music or watch movies with surround sound.

What are some options for surround sound?

Surround sound is ideal for users looking to experience movies or music on a more complete level. Bang & Olufsen has designed models that can work together in harmony. Softer notes can be emitted from center speakers, while sounds can move from medium to rear speakers to indicate movement, and the subwoofer can kick in to bring low frequencies to life. Some pieces in the Bang & Olufsen Beolab line include the following:

  • Beolab 90: A speaker with 8,200 watts of power, beam direction, and active room compensation.
  • 50: This offers beam width control and 2,100 watts of power.
  • 20: This has acoustic lens technology and ultra-high-intensity bass.
  • 19: As a wireless subwoofer, it gives a powerful and dynamic bass.
  • 18: Built as a wooden lamella, it can be mounted on the wall or stand freely.
  • 17: This has a unibody aluminum cabinet and gives you placement options.
  • 15: This has adaptive audio performance and 2,500 watts of digital amplification.
  • 3: This comes with a 180-degree horizontal lens and two 125W ICE power amplifiers.
What are some features of Bang & Olufsen’s wireless products?

Getting a wireless speaker from Bang & Olufsen provides added flexibility. Using Bluetooth or other wireless connections, you can take your speaker with you wherever you go, as long as you are within range of your music or movie playing device. They also eliminate the clutter that can come with traditionally wired speakers. Wireless Bang & Olufsen speakers include these features:

  • Beosound shape: This wall-mounted speaker system can be custom designed and is engineered to provide an immersive sound staging.
  • Beosound 35: This includes a table stand but can also be wall-mounted. It has four speaker drivers.
  • Beosound 2 and 1: With 360-degree sound, the 2 has 360-degree capabilities and a modern design. Like a little sibling, the 1 also has 360-degree capabilities. Fully charged, it can provide up to 16 hours of continuous play.
What are the options in the Beoplay line?

With these home speakers, you can connect with other devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They're designed to have multi-room functionality, meaning that many speakers can be programmed to play the same music. Alternatively, you can also have each one play its own playlist.

  • Beoplay A9
  • Beoplay A6
  • Beoplay M5 and M3