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Finding the Perfect Fit When Selecting Balmain Blazers, Coats, and Jackets for Women

When you're looking for something classic, elegant, and sophisticated, a Balmain coat may be just the item to wear. You can find new and vintage Balmain sequined coats, velvet blazers, and metallic jackets on eBay, to name a few. Check out the large variety of affordable Balmain blazers, coats, and jackets for women that are available to you.

Factors to consider when selecting blazers, coats, and jackets

One of the factors you should certainly consider when buying a Balmain coat or blazer is the cut of the product. You can select a double-breasted coat that curves in at the waist or one that has a wider cut. The material is another important consideration as tweed looks very different from velvet. French brand Balmain offers blazers and coats in both. And finally, look at the length. Balmain has longer coats that come down to the thigh, as well as short blazers that are cropped or stop at the hip.

The origins of the Balmain brand

Balmain is a French company that was started by Pierre Balmain in 1945. Balmain's style provided a rich, deeply feminine look, and it was somewhat of a stark contrast to the subdued women's fashions at the time. His signature style was fuller and longer skirts, for example, and his evening dresses were strapless.

What Balmain coats, blazers, and jackets are available on eBay?

eBay has both new and pre-owned Balmain blazers, coats, and jacket available. To help with your choices, eBay has various categories. These categories are:

  • Size: Sizes on eBay range from 2XS to size 12.
  • Material: As stated above, the material you select for your coat, blazer, or jacket is crucial to your outfit and comfort level. Some of the choices you can find on eBay are 100% cotton, 100% wool, fleece, leather, synthetic, and velour.
  • Color: You can select elegant white blazers, sophisticated black coats, or clothing in colors such as purple, blue, brown, and green.
  • Country/Region of manufacture: Balmain's products are manufactured in different countries. If you have strong preferences for where your Balmain coat is manufactured, eBay lets you choose. The options include France, Italy, Romania, or Slovakia.
  • Condition: Many of the Balmain products on eBay are vintage, but you can also find new.