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Baby Scales

Newborns and infants can benefit from having their weight gain closely monitored due to any number of reasons. Having a scale at home to monitor your baby's weight during the first year can be reassuring and also prevent extra trips to the doctor's office for weight checks. Digital LCD displays, simple-to-use designs, and target weight or growth charts included with some models can help make monitoring your baby's growth patterns easier.

Which babies may benefit from at-home weighing?

Any infant can use a home scale even if there is no other reason than a parent's peace of mind. Babies that were born at a low birth weight or prematurely, can reap extra benefits from home weight monitoring. You can use the scale to closely monitor the babies weight to make sure they are getting the nutrition that they need to grow.

How do you weigh a baby on a scale?

Home scales make weighing your little one accurate and simple. Scales usually consist of a tray to lay the baby on and a base that holds the tray with a digital display window. To weigh the baby, turn the scale on, allow the scale to reach a zero balance, and place the infant on the scale's tray. The display window will read the baby's weight in kilograms or pounds with ounces, depending on the setting chosen.

What kinds of baby scales are available?

Home scales are designed primarily for weighing babies during their first year of life. Most models of home scales use a digital LCD screen to display the weight reading. Vintage scales use a dial and needle. Home scales typically have a capacity for weighing children up to around 44 pounds, while some vintage scales may have a lesser capacity of around 30 pounds. Many models of scales are compact, portable, and easy to store, making them ideal for use even in a small nursery or bathroom.

How can a baby scale aid in breastfeeding?

Having a scale at home to weigh the baby can give breastfeeding mothers some peace of mind that their baby is taking a sufficient amount of milk at feedings. By weighing your child before and after nursing, you can determine roughly the amount of milk they consume. Keeping track of your child's weight gain along with regular wet and dirty diapers can help provide reassurance that your baby is getting the amount of milk they need.

What are some brands of baby scales?

Health-o-meter, Detecto, Brecknell, and Tanita are some brands that manufacture home scales for weighing babies, while the Borg brand can be found in vintage models.