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Everything You Need to Know About Buying BERNINA Craft Sewing Machines

When you want to sew a quilt, apparel, toys, or other projects, it helps to have a machine that makes the sewing project go faster. The right type of machinery allows you to sew through thick fabrics, make decorative stitches, and create customized items to enjoy. There are many new and used BERNINA sewing machines to choose from on eBay.

What operation types are available for the BERNINA sewing systems?

The modes of operation for these helpful BERNINA stitchery products include:

  • Computerized - This uses preset programs and customized programs to do the stitching itself. You can walk away while the unit stitches into the fabric.
  • Electronic - This type of stitchery product uses a foot pedal and push-button settings to control the functions.
  • Mechanical - A mechanical unit requires you to push the fabric and control the stitch settings by hand.
What are the available types of BERNINA craft sewing machines?

The easy-to-use sewing machine types from BERNINA include:

  • Quilting - A quilting machine can stitch through two or more layers of cloth and interfacing. They produce decorative or utilitarian stitches.
  • Serger - Sergers use two bobbins of thread to create a strong seam for clothing and other projects.
  • Sewing - These units perform basic stitching functions to stitch patterns and specialty stitches such as buttonholes.
  • Embroidery - This involves making decorative stitches on a piece of cloth using different colors of string.
  • Combination - The unit is multi-purpose may do any combination of embroidery, sewing, quilting, or serging.
What are some features of the affordable BERNINA sewing machines?

The available features include:

  • Bobbin winding - Push a button to wind the disk with thread.
  • Free arm - This allows you to rotate the arm for a curved stitch.
  • Long arm - A long arm allows you to stitch a large project.
  • Portable - The unit is designed to be easy to transport.
How do you choose a BERNINA sewing system?

When shopping for this companys equipment for dressmaking or to sew garments on eBay, consider:

  • Condition - There are new, used, and refurbished BERNINA sewing systems on eBay available for a low price.
  • Suitability - The products may be suitable for different thread types, thick materials, or synthetic materials. These products are also useful to beginners.
  • Accessories - Choose a unit that includes bobbins, a presser foot, a needle threader, a thread cutter, lights, extra stitch functions, or built-in programs.
  • Functionality - Choose a heavy-duty, high-end product that can serge with two disks of thread, quilt, embroider, or a combination of these.
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