Automotive Retoque & Pintura en Aerosol

Automotive Touchup and Spray Paint

Small dings, scratches, and chips spoil the looks of the nicest auto paint jobs, but you don’t have to put up with them. Take action by enlisting the help of an automotive touch-up paint kit. Touch-up paint kits include the tools you need to make your car’s blemishes go away.

What tools do most touch-up kits contain?

Auto re-touch paint kits hold the ingredients needed to seamlessly blend away ugly scratches, scrapes, and dings. These kits contain the parts you need to heal serious blemishes as well as minor flaws. Included in this list are clearcoat paint, primer, compound, wax/grease removers, cleaning wipes, sandpaper, painting tape, and tack cloth.

Why is the primer important?

Much like building a house, performing a good paint job requires first laying a sound foundation. Undercoat paint provides such a foundation for the rest of the re-touch kit components. It does this by bonding with, weatherproofing, and coating the surface of the base materials. Once the undercoat sets, you can apply paint and clearcoat.

What kit size do you need?

The re-touch kit size that you need depends on the size of your task. Smaller nicks or scrapes need less attention than big chips and scratches. Luckily, touch up kit makers package these kits in user-friendly sizes, and all you have to do is choose the right package-size.

Touch pens are the smallest size, and you use them for the smallest jobs. If your car has a small and shallow blemish, a 0.5-ounce re-touch pen can fix it. Paint-repair bottles and aerosol cans contain more material than pens, from 1 to 12 ounces, and work well for medium-sized scratches and dings. Large, deep, and serious nicks need professional help. These kits provide you with pint and quart sizes.

Why is clear-coat a key component?

Carmakers apply paint to their cars in layers, and the top layer is clear-coat. Since your nick and scratch repairs work from the inside out, you need to add clear-coat to all your work. In contrast to this, you can skip applying undercoat if the scratches are shallow.

You can dispense clear-coat as an aerosol or as a liquid. Aerosol applications are fast, durable, and glossy. You can dispense liquid quickly, but it takes longer to cure. Once cured, it has a deep gloss and stands up to the elements and harsh chemicals.

Is it easy to match paint colors?

It usually is. Most carmakers place paint color codes in their vehicles. The letters and numbers of your code tell you exactly what shade you need.