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Automotive Hand Wrenches

When it comes to automotive tools, one of the most important ones to own is a hand wrench. It is used to loosen tight fasteners such as bolts and nuts. If you want to avoid damage to yourself or the bolt, you need to make sure you select the correct jaw size and that the jaw is in complete contact with the bolt before you apply pressure. There are several different types of wrenches including adjustable, box, open end, and combination wrenches.

Adjust Your Tool

Another name for an adjustable wrench is a crescent wrench. As the name suggests, this type of wrench is adjustable in order to fit a multitude of different sized nuts and bolts. Its claim to fame is the design; the head is typically angled at 22.5 degrees to the handle, so users have the ability to flip it over which provides two different gripping positions especially important when working in tight spaces.

Open On The End

Open wrenches are non-adjustable, come in various sizes, and usually have two sizes on one tool (one at each end). Oftentimes they come in a wrench set in either metric or standard SAE sizes, but you can purchase them individually if that meets your needs better. This is a handy tool, especially when loosening a bunch of fasteners that are the same size. Many mechanics find this tool makes the job go faster than an adjustable wrench. 

Not Open

A box wrench uses an enclosed opening that looks like a ring. One advantage to this type of opening is that it minimizes the risk of damaging the nuts and bolts. This kind of tool usually has a six-point or twelve-point recess and works best on hex-head fasteners. Another bonus is the ratcheting mechanism found on most box wrenches which allows for more efficient tightening and loosening.

Mix It Up

Get the best of both worlds. A combination mechanic wrench offers an open end wrench and a box wrench on one tool. Ordinarily, both ends will fit the same size bolt. The biggest advantage is that you get to pick which end will work best for the job you are doing.