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Fitting and Retrofitting Vintage Apple Computers

Puttering with vintage Mac computers can be more than a hobby. Some collectors have managed to reap financial rewards while others have decided to create Mac museums. Museums attract loyal Apple consumers who are fascinated by older models and technology.

When is an Apple mouse considered vintage?

Finding Apple vintage parts and pieces can be easy once you have an idea of what you are you are looking for, whether it's a Magic Mouse or a vintage hockey puck mouse. Vintage Apple mice and all other hardware are considered vintage if they have not been manufactured within the past five years.

What does it mean when my Apple mouse is obsolete?

A product is obsolete when it was manufactured over seven years ago. After the seven-year mark, Apple no longer provides any servicing at all for those pieces of equipment. When your mouse is obsolete, it isn't worthless. Many collectors want to purchase working pieces of obsolete equipment to replace parts that they have lost or those that no longer function.

What kinds of Macbooks can use a mouse?

If you don't want to use a trackpad or touchscreen, then you might be interested in knowing how to attach an external computer mouse to your device. But before doing that, it is important to know whether or not the mouse you choose will be compatible with your computer. Vintage mice and other hardware, like a keyboard, are typically compatible with machines from the same era. This is not always the case, but a few vintage mice can be successfully connected to your MacBook or Macbook Air. Though the hardware will work across devices, you will likely have to find a driver.

  • Wireless Mouse/Bluetooth Enabled
  • USB-connected or wired Mouse
  • Magic Mouse
How do I connect an external mouse to my laptop?

Wireless mice are considered vintage. These devices are Bluetooth enabled and allow users to connect wirelessly to their laptops. Simply open the System Preferences menu item. Next, turn on Bluetooth. After that, click the "set up new device" option. Turn on your mouse, click it and then click continue until you see a scroll down menu that lists all compatible devices. Choose the correct device and your wireless mouse is connected. USB ports and a cable are all the equipment needed to attach a wired mouse to your laptop or desktop.