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A Guide to Choosing Apple Sillicone, Gel, and Rubber Phone Cases and Covers

Silicone, rubber, or gel cell phone cases and covers provide protection in case you drop your smartphone or something falls onto it. These cases may also offer protection if you place your phone on a wet, irregular, or slippery surface. The Apple silicone, gel, and rubber cell phone cases and covers are available in different styles and come with a range of features.

What are some types of silicone cases for cell phones?

Some available types of cases may include:

  • Battery: This case has an iPhone compatible battery built into it for charging the phone.
  • 3D case: These iPhone cases fold out like a triangle in the back for holding the device on up on a flat surface so that you can see the screen without holding it in your hand.
  • Wallet: These cases open up into three panels.
  • Flip: This case folds open like a book.
  • Fitted: These fit or wrap around the back and sides of the iPhone like a skin.
What are some features of silicone gel rubber cases?

Some available features may include:

  • Card pocket: This gives you a place to put your work badge, driver's license, student identification, or credit card into the phone case.
  • Kickstand: This piece folds out so that the whole case can stand up at an angle on a flat surface such as a tabletop.
  • Screen protector: Cases with this feature have a layer of transparent material that protects the screen.
  • Attached clip: This allows you to attach the phone in its case to your keyring, purse, backpack, or other objects.
What finishes are available for silicone gel rubber phone cases?

Some available options for the silicone cases may include:

  • Matte: This type of finish absorbs light.
  • Glossy or shiny: These finishes reflect light. Transparent cases are also available, and the light penetrates all the way through the case's material.
  • Metallic or glitter: These cases sparkle in the light and are gold, bronze, or silver or may have glitter in bright colors such as pink, blue, or gold.
  • Jeweled: Decorative rhinestones or other items may be embedded or attached to the case.
  • Patterned or pictorial: A design such as stripes, animals, or flowers may be made on the case.
What colors are available for silicone phone cases?

Silicone phone cases are available in solid neutral colors such as white, black, gray, and brown. They are also available in the full spectrum of a rainbow, from red to violet. Some of the cases offer multi-colored designs such as a neutral color paired with one or more bright colors.

Which Apple cell phones are compatible with silicone cases?

Many of this brand's smartphones are compatible with the silicone cases. The compatible models of smartphones that fit into these cases include the iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and X. Some of the cases fit more than one model of these smartphones.

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