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Hyundai Santa Fe Antennas

Hyundai Santa Fe antennas connect you to the world of radio broadcasts, and while the advent of Bluetooth connectivity and digital radio changed the face of vehicle entertainment, innovations in vehicle antenna capabilities transformed this standard amenity into a multifaceted receiver. Hyundai Santa Fe antennas come in a variety of styles and functions. To find the right one, there are several elements you should be aware of.

What are the different types of Hyundai Santa Fe antennas?

There are four types of antennas available for Santa Fe vehicles. Although each has its own features, compatibility varies based on year and model type. Finding the right version depends on the style of your Hyundai as well as what you wish to use the antenna for.

  • Retractable: As its name suggests, a retractable antenna retracts into its housing either automatically or manually. This version is a good option if you live in areas with extreme weather, as the antenna retracts into the safety of its protective casing to prevent damage.
  • Whip: This flexible variation is identified by a flexible metal wire attached to the trunk or hood of your Hyundai that connects to your in-car radio receiver. It is important to confirm compatibility with your specific Hyundai Santa Fe.
  • Satellite: These offer good sound quality and signal strength. Powered by a compact magnetic antenna, it connects directly to your in-car radio system. Unlike a standard car radio antenna, this version typically requires paying for a subscription service.
  • Internal: Mounted in the trunk or near the dashboard, internal antennas are immune to extreme weather and vandalism. Because the antenna is located inside the car, it is recommended that you get the assistance of a signal amplifier.
How do you know when to replace an antenna?

Unless your SUVs antenna is stolen or visibly damaged, it can be difficult to know if radio static is due to a weak signal or a malfunctioning antenna. If you are unsure whether your current antenna needs replacing, switch your radio to an AM station. Damaged antennas have difficulty picking up AM bands. To ensure it is not an error, confirm the antenna connection is secure to its receiver. If the connectors are secured and the actual antenna is not damaged, it may be time for replacement.

Who makes replacement Hyundai Santa Fe antennas?

There are two main sources of replacement antennas compatible with your Hyundai Santa Fe.

  • OEM Suppliers: These suppliers provide original equipment manufacturer antenna systems. If you wish to replace a damaged antenna with the exact style and type that came with your Hyundai, you will find compatible systems made specifically for your year and model type. OEM antenna systems are found at Hyundai dealerships or at authorized third-party distributors.
  • Aftermarket Suppliers: If you wish to upgrade your antenna system to a different type, authorized retailers and certain dealerships offer a variety of Hyundai antennas.