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Altec Lansing Computer Speakers

Altec Lansing Computer Speakers

Founded in 1936, Altec Lansing is an American company specializing in audio electronics and related technology. Among their products are speakers designed for use with personal computers. Their library of products is quite varied, giving computer users a large number of speakers to choose from.

How large are computer speakers typically?

The computer speakers made by various tech companies are not inordinately large, as they are designed for use on computer desks. Most are several inches to a foot in height depending on which speaker is selected. Additionally, they come in two common shapes, thick and square or thin and rectangular, depending on the brand in question. There are, of course, various speakers that are much large or much smaller.

Do computer speakers have power and volume controls?

Many different kinds of computer speakers will provide a way to adjust the sound volume built into the speakers. Many of these controls come in the form of knobs on the front of the speakers base (usually only one to control every speaker in a set), while others provide two buttons that can be pressed to raise or lower the volume. Many speakers will also include an integrated button for turning themselves on and off, as well. Additionally, speakers connected to the computer will give the user some options to adjust sound volume via the computer itself.

Are these speakers designed for wireless or wired connections?

Whether a speaker system uses a wireless or wired connection will depend on the model of speakers a person has. Certain speaker systems only utilize a wired connection to the computer through a connection like a USB. Other types of speakers connect to technology via Bluetooth and are only wired by a power cord, which can be unplugged for as long as the battery charge lasts. Additionally, some speakers have both wired and wireless connections.

How many computer speakers are in a speaker system?

This depends heavily on the model of speakers someone has, with the majority of speaker brands made as a set of two. Others might include four speakers along with a separate subwoofer. Additionally, some models consist of a single speaker or soundbar.

What powers a speaker system?

Some speakers are powered by an external power box, which connects the speakers to the box through a wire which in turn is plugged into a houses outlet. Others connect to a computer through a USB cord to charge their battery.

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