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Altec Lansing 2.1 Channel Computer Speakers

2.1 Speakers to Upgrade Your Computer Audio

Many computer vendors throw in peripherals like the mouse and keyboard with a full desktop or laptop purchase. While these may get your system up and running, they do not necessarily offer an optimal experience. Plus, when they include speaker systems, youre always left wanting something else with more sound quality and dimension. This is more so when all you get is a speaker system powered by USB.

What Are Some Notable Altec Lansing 2.1 Systems?

  • ATP3: Common and hard-wearing, the ATP3 speaker system comes with a large subwoofer as standard. The two medium-sized tower speakers have a total of three drivers each, two as satellite speakers and one at the bottom for low-frequency sound. Add a punchy subwoofer to this mix and you have a veritable computer sound system that can enhance both media and gaming audio.
  • VS2621: With a 28-Watt RMS, this stereo speaker can improve the sound quality of your laptop by leaps and bounds. The two satellites are powered by a line that goes from the subwoofer down to the mains, thereby reducing cable clutter. Its trapezoidal satellite speakers and subtle subwoofer design make this system a discreet but powerful addition to your laptop or desktop setup.
  • FX4021: This speaker has two satellites that deliver 11 watts of sound per channel with dual driver setups to deliver rich sound on each channel. Bass, volume, treble, and loudness can be controlled via the wireless remote. Its premium design makes it suitable for any man cave battle station or media console.
  • BX1221: Small yet exceedingly powerful for its size, this speaker system offers value for the sound output. Its stereo system consists of two cylindrical satellite speakers with a bar rail design to angle them upwards. The system has a smooth black finish ideal for any setup, and its subwoofer can bring realism, richness, and deep bass to any movie or video game.

How to Set Up an Altec Lansing 2.1 System

  • Unbox: When first receiving your computer speaker, make sure to keep everything organized so that no cable goes missing. As you remove the contents of the box, arrange the system as you would in a diagram so you know everything is there. A single missing cable will prevent your system from working.
  • Wire: Place the speakers in the desired position and run the wires behind your desk. Plug the output wires from the satellites into the subwoofer, and plug the audio jack into the subwoofer as well. Plug the power connector from the sub to the mains power.
  • Connect: Connect the audio jack to the back of your computer case or on the headphone jack on your laptop. Switch the system on, play a track, and adjust the bass, treble, or loudness as necessary.

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