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Increase Productivity with Laptops and PCs

Designed as a performance gaming computer, gamers and non-gamers use its powerful components to complete tasks quicker. With models named Area-51 and Aurora, the alien-themed computers are configured to run faster. You'll find a model with ports to connect external devices, fast-processing graphics cards, and other features.

What Is the History of Alienware Computers?

Founders Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila named the company after their favorite series, The X-Files. Alienware initially offered desktops and PC workstations and gaming hardware. Eventually, desktops were eliminated from the company's product line. A subsidiary of Dell since 2006, the two companies combined their products promoting gaming consoles as their top-of-the-line gaming laptop. In 2014, the manufacturer added video game consoles to their lineup of products to compete with similar items made by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

What Models Are Available?

  • Discontinued Models: There are discontinued 11.6 - 17-inch computers, now upgraded with newer versions, in working condition. Designed to hold up to long-term use, the computers use NVIDIA applications that increase graphics performance and speed up photo and video editing programs. Gaming laptops with speedy Intel processors and GeForce GTX have increased power and memory.
  • Newer 13-Inch Laptops: A new VR ready computer with a smaller 13-inch screen supports virtual reality applications. Most out-of-the-box configurations include a quad-core 7th gen Intel processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series graphics.
  • Newer 15-Inch Laptops: The manufacturer upgraded the six-core CPU with Cryo-Tech thermal technology to prevent overheating. Thunderbolt Type C ports are capable of 40Gbps and built-in wireless network setups organize data streaming to your applications. Top-tier\ materials used to make the laptops include magnesium alloy, copper, and aluminum.

What Are Some Key Features?

In addition to standard gaming features, some computers have rear ports for graphic amplifiers. Also available are backlit keyboards and built-in webcams. You'll find computers loaded with Windows 7 and other older operating systems as well as updated Windows 10 Home versions. Solid state drives have no moving parts and range in capacity from 16 GB to 2 TB. Furthermore, there are three to five USB ports to attach monitors, keyboards, and controllers. Since gaming computers have longer-lasting batteries, you can enjoy extended gameplay sessions. To enhance the gaming experience, newer computers have larger speaker boxes. Equally helpful is that connections and ports are strategically located to free up space on your desktop.

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