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Alfred Dunner Women's Pants

Alfred Dunner is a brand of women's casual and dressy clothes. Alfred Dunner petite and Alfred Dunner regular length pants are available in sizes 0 to 22 for women. These pants are offered in a range of colors, including white, black, brown, and blue.

What materials are Alfred Dunner women’s pants made from?

  • Cotton and cotton blends: Cotton, blue or black denim, and cotton blended with synthetic fibers are lightweight materials. Numerous styles of both regular and petite Alfred Dunner women's pull-on and other pants are available in cotton.
  • Polyester and polyester blends: Polyester is a man-made fabric that stretches. It includes nylon as well, used in the elastic of the waistline.
  • Wool and woolen blends: Wool and wool blends are used in many dressy or corduroy Alfred Dunner pants in both petite and regular length clothing. Wool material is known for the depth of colors used to dye the material.
  • Linen: Linen is made from the short fibers of a plant. Pants made with linen are lightweight.
What are the styles of women's pants by Alfred Dunner?
  • Petite: Petite pants by Alfred Dunner are designed for women who are 5'3\" or shorter. The petite fit of the pants means that the hem should stop at the ankle so that the legs of the pants do not drag on the ground. The petite line is proportionately sized to fit properly around the waist and hips of a petite woman.
  • Pull-on: The pull-on pants from Alfred Dunner have an elastic waist. Pull-on pants are available in long, regular, and petite lengths.
  • Dress pants: Alfred Dunner dress pants for women have a zipper fly and belt loops around the waist. They may have additional features such as set-in pockets, back pockets, or pleats. There is usually a button at the waist that works with the zipper closure. These pants are available in regular and petite sizes.
How do you choose a size of elastic waist pants?

Pull-on pants with an elastic waist generally have more stretch to them than other pants styles. Pull-on pants stretch up to an additional 10 inches around the waistline. These Alfred Dunner pull-on pants are sized in regular and petite lengths, and they use US standard sizing for women. To measure yourself for pull-on pants, use a cloth tape measure around your waistline and note the measurement in inches. Alfred Dunner's women's pants size 0 fits waistlines of 24 inches. For each additional inch of the waistline, the sizing number goes up by two.