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Aiwa Personal Cassette Players

Have a Blast From the Past with Personal Cassette Players

The compact cassette was first invented in the early 1960s and paved the way for the development of personal music players. Before these players were made, people relied on bulky home systems to play compact cassette tracks or would carry around boom boxes to play them at parties. People who wanted a more personalized and private listening experience turned to smaller products that could still deliver the playback available on bulkier devices but in a more compact, pocketable form factor with earphones included as well.

What Are the Features of an Aiwa Cassette Player?

  • Play: Like other audio compact cassette players, these personal cassette players could read the data in the magnetic film. Unlike later technologies like CDs, playing cassettes would not be interrupted by sudden jerks and movement, making them easy to take around on a jog.
  • Rewind: For cassette tapes, rewinding is an essential function that will allow you to play the entire track sequence on the tape again. Many tapes could also be played on Side B, which would require you to turn the tape to the other side to play the tracks recorded on that side.
  • Equalizer: Portable cassette players would have sliding adjusters to manipulate the 10 kHz, 1 kHz, and 100 Hz frequency bands for a customized listening experience.
  • Radio: Many players also have radio functions for flexible listening. To display the station or frequency, players often have dials, meters, or LCD screens to indicate them. AM/FM functionality is a convenient feature that allows you to listen to news and current affairs along with your favorite stations during a long commute.

What Are Some Notable Aiwa Cassette Players?

  • HS-PX357: This stereo cassette player features Dolby B Noise reduction, auto reverse playback, an anti-rolling mechanism, and an auto tape selector among other features. Its headphones act as a full function remote control that can play, pause, rewind, and stop the track so you do not have to take the device out of your pocket to execute these controls.
  • HS-PX787: This model has a rechargeable system with a 40-hour battery life for long play. Its earphones also double as a remote control system for convenience and include a leather carry pouch when purchased with the original box and accessories. The earpieces take the standard design a little further with a curved protrusion for better anchorage in the ear.
  • TX320: This stereo cassette player uses the Super Bass system to enhance the low-frequency sounds for a punchier and more intense listening experience. It also has an LCD screen that conveniently displays the time along with the current station when using the radio functionality. It comes with a light headphone system with large drivers covered by comfortable foam for easy listening.

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