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Air Fresheners

To combat offensive odors, air fresheners are an effective choice. With a variety of scents and fragrance distribution options, fresheners keep air smelling crisp and clean. They may be used throughout a variety of locations to ensure every nose is greeted with pleasant smelling air.

How do air fresheners work?

There are a variety of options when it comes to air fresheners, each working in its own unique manner.

  • Sprays: Spray fresheners are typically aerosols. They work using pressurized air within a can that is dispelled using a propellant. Fragrance molecules are mixed in with the propellant and when sprayed, scented particles are carried out of the can along with the propellant. Some sprays may be all-natural, in which case the user is required to depress the spray nozzle repeatedly to allow fragrance particles to populate the air.
  • Gels, beads, and car air fresheners: These are stationary products that do not involve repeated user interaction. They contain fragrance-infused gel that continuously emits scent to freshen the surrounding location.
  • Incense and candles: These products work via heat to scent a room. Incense works by slowly burning sticks or blocks of scented material to release scented smoke into the room. Candles work by slowly burning a wick that melts scented fragrance-infused wax.
  • Oils: Oils may either be diffused or heated. Diffused oils are carried into the air along with small water particles. Heated oils are distributed via an electric heating element or flame.

How long do plug-in oils last?

Plug-in air fresheners typically allow the user to adjust the fragrance level. Based on the level selected, the oil may last varying amounts of time. On the lowest setting, many products may keep a room fresh for about 30 days, while the highest setting may only last half as many days or fewer.

How large of an area do air fresheners fragrance?

Scent detection will vary based on the type of air freshener used. It is recommended to use a single freshener in each medium to large-sized room to eliminate odors throughout a building. For sprays, it is recommended to periodically distribute a small amount in each room to combat odors. A single car freshener product will freshen an entire vehicle.

Are any precautions necessary when using air fresheners?

Be certain to avoid inhaling products directly. If spraying product into a room, be sure to avoid getting the product in eyes or on the skin. If this occurs, rinse the area thoroughly. For any products involving flame, do not leave the item unattended. Avoid direct contact with gels and beads as well, taking care to rinse the skin if contact occurs.

What scents are effective?

This will depend on the odor and user preference. A large variety of choices are available from fresh and fruity to floral and masculine choices. To be certain you select the appropriate option, consider if you can tolerate the smell of the product on a daily basis.