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Car and Truck Air Conditioning and Heat for Dodge Dynasty

Heat pumps and air conditioning units help to control the comfort of the interior cabin of your Dodge Dynasty. These heating and air conditioning units are powered by the cars battery, and the air conditioners use a chemical refrigerant to transfer heat from the interior cabin to the exterior environment. After years of heating and cooling your Dodge Dynasty, however, these HVAC systems may need to be partly or fully replaced to maintain your continued comfort.

What types of Dodge heating and air conditioners exist?
  • Valves and hoses: Valves control the flow of the air conditioners chemical refrigerant. The air cooling refrigerant also flows through rubber hoses, which are used to deliver the warm air to the blower and into the vehicles cabin.
  • Evaporators and compressors: The cars air conditioner and heat pump also utilizes evaporator condensers and compressors. These parts control the stage of matter that the chemical refrigerant is in, allowing the absorption or release of heat energy.
  • Blowers and fans: The heat pump of the car also has a blower and fan. While the speed of the fan controls how fast the heat pumps warm air enters the indoor cabin, the blower creates the force of the airflow for your comfort. Both use small, energy-efficient motors to move the air to the indoor part of the car.
How do you choose Dodge Dynasty heat and air conditioners?
  • Select heating parts or cooling parts: Choose just an air conditioning unit or a heat pump, depending on your needs. A heat pump, which is controlled by a knob on your dashboard, functions as both an air conditioning unit and a heater.
  • Choose a replacement part or assembly kit: Select replacement part for the vehicles heating or cooling systems or an entire assembly kit for the heating or cooling systems. The kits typically include the fasteners, hoses, and valves that you need to install the parts.
  • Select a manufacturer: There are heating and cooling systems and parts made by ACDelco, Denso, Dorman, Four Seasons, Global Parts Distributors, Mopar, Spectra Premium, and Universal Air Conditioner. Keep in mind that different model years of the Dodge Dynasty have different fitments for these warming systems and cooling units.
How do Dodge Dynasty air conditioners work?

Car cooling units use evaporators, which have a supply of low-temperature coolant, and condensers to control the flow of a liquid that is able to absorb energy from the air. While the coolant absorbs energy in the form of warmth from the passenger compartment, the outside of the evaporator stays cold from the coolant. The blower then pushes cooled air over its fins and into the passenger cabin. Next, the expansion valve allows the warmed coolant to expand into a gas. As the cooling cycle continues, moisture is collected in the receiver and drained away as water from the exterior of the car. The coolant then moves into the compressor unit where the high pressure turns into a liquid. This releases heat, which comes off of the compressors fins, then the cycle repeats.