ATVs, Side-by-Sides & UTVs for Parts 

ATV enthusiasts can enjoy their fun sport year-round. Just like any other vehicle, there are many ATV parts that need to be replaced from time to time to keep it running great. Thankfully, there are plenty of parts that can be replaced to keep your ATV running in tip-top shape.

How should an ATV be cared for?

Regular maintenance and inspection should be done on several components of your all-terrain vehicle. Similar to any other vehicle, you will need to change the oil, wash it regularly, and check the belts, among other things. There will also be a break-in procedure that you will need to follow, and it is helpful to treat your gas with a fuel system cleaner.

What are the top manufacturers for ATV parts?

Many companies manufacture this type of vehicle, but some of the top manufacturers include Yamaha, Polaris, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Can-Am, Arctic Cat, and CFMOTO, to name a few.

Can you salvage parts that are pre-used or slightly worn?

Sometimes, all-terrain vehicle owners like to upgrade their parts because the particular part no longer fits their needs or wants. They might also want to sell their pre-used parts because they are buying a new ATV and it makes more sense for them to sell the parts off individually instead of as the whole ATV. This is why you can sometimes find ATV parts that are in good condition.

What are some common ATV accessories?

Accessories are items that are not integral to the ATV but are nice to have. Along with clothing and helmets, ATV accessories might also include shock covers, gun carriers for hunting, and cab heaters for riding during the colder months.

How do you know when you need to replace tires?

You should check the them regularly but, many times, you will be able to feel the difference in control. It’s possible, if you ride regularly, that the previous month the level of control you had over the vehicle felt fine. However, the next month you might notice that you are slipping more often. You might also decide that you would like to start riding on a different terrain. This is also a good reason to switch them.

What options are available for ATV tires?

Since they are critical for the performance of your ATV, tires are often one of the first items that are replaced. There are a lot of options when choosing a new set. The type of tire that you choose will depend on the terrain that you will be crossing. There are basically five different types: all-purpose, sand, mud, motocross, and off-road. You should research and find the tires that will be the best fit for your purposes.