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ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Parts & Accessories

If you’re like most ATV, SXS, or UTV owners, you like to push the limits in terms of both speed and terrain. However, it’s important to keep your side-by-side running smoothly and looking its best. From ATV frames and air filters to specific ATV and UTV accessories, eBay has an extensive selection of new and used ATV and UTV parts and accessories for you to browse.  

What Are Differences Between an ATV and a SXS/UTV?

While there are a few things that ATVs and UTVs have in common, there are some distinct differences. Buying the right part is crucial to keep your vehicle in top shape. An ATV:  

      ● Is smaller than a UTV  

      ● Is often used for sports/recreation

      ● Has saddle seating

      ● Has a handlebar (like a bicycle)   

On the other hand, a UTV:   

      ● Is the larger vehicle of the two

      ● Is often used for work, and is built for tougher terrain

      ● Has bucket seating to seat several people

      ● Has a steering wheel as opposed to a handlebar   

If you’re not sure what type you have, it’s always best to refer to your model number or owner’s manual. 

Keeping Your ATV in Tip-Top Shape

ATV and side-by-side/UTV maintenance is similar to maintenance for a car or truck. ATV owners put their vehicles through a lot of wear and tear, riding them outdoors on all kinds of surfaces and in all kinds of conditions. Taking that kind of punishment, an ATV may require:   

      ● More service than a standard vehicle

      ● Regular oil change and tire rotation

      ● Specific OEM ATV/SXS/UTV parts, such as:

         ○ ATV brake levers and pedals

         ○ Tires

         ○ Engines

         ○ Brake lines

         ○ Air filters  

         ○ Fuel filters   

Due to the off-road environments where ATVs and UTVs are used, filters are one of the most frequently replaced parts. Air filters are essential to prevent contaminants from getting in the engine and fuel filters help keep the fuel system running efficiently. So don’t forget the air and fuel filters when you stock up on ATV parts online.   

To find all of these ATV and SXS/UTV parts, and other parts and accessories for your vehicle, start your search with eBay. 

Safety First

Thrill seeking is no doubt a part of the ATV experience, but like all drivers, ATV owners should always put safety first. eBay has all the ATV and side-by side accessories you trust, including Moose and Pro Armor ATV Frames, Wiseco ATV engines and Kenda ATV wheels. When it comes to safety, some items you’ll need to stock up on include:   

      ● Full-face helmets (securely fastened)

      ● Face shield or goggles, if not already part of the helmet

      ● Riding gloves

      ● Riding clothing (or, long-sleeved pants and shirts)

      ● Lace-up boots   

It’s also important to carry your driver’s license on your person at all times, even if you’re off-roading. Depending on where you live, regular “rules of the road” also apply to ATVs and UTVs, and you must be a licensed driver in order to operate one of these vehicles.