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Choosing a High-Powered Scope for Your Next Hunting Trip

Hunting is a sport you may enjoy for the thrill of the chase and the experience of being outdoors in nature. Having the right ATN scope can enhance the optics of your rifle for a better aim, whether youre a seasoned hunter or just starting out. eBay offers many of these scopes, in a wide range of prices.

Finding the appropriate ATN scope

There are many things to consider when choosing the correct new or used ATN scope on eBay. Here are a few specifications to help you make your decision. See the manufacturer site for size details.

  • Tube diameter: You can choose from sizes such as 1 inch, 30mm or 34mm. A larger tube is better for long distances, but it is heavier and more expensive. For most hunting, the 1-inch size is probably big enough.
  • Objective lens size: Sizes run from 20mm to 72mm. A larger lens size boosts its light-gathering ability, but the larger the lens size, the more adjustments needed for scope accuracy. The larger ones are also heavy. A 40mm to 44mm should be a good size for most hunting.
  • Glass: A good-quality glass, such as extra-low-dispersion glass, is often expensive. However, to compensate for this, you can achieve much better results with a 40mm lens over a larger lens with poor-quality glass.
  • Magnification: Some people prefer the 3X per 100 yards. This type of scope handles close-up shots as well as long-distance ones.
Differences between thermal scopes and night scopes

A thermal scope, such as the ThOR 4 HD ATN scope, detects radiation. The more heat an object gives off, the more radiation is detected. Because of this, an animal that is hotter than the vegetation around it is easier to identify. You will need to learn how to read the thermal image to know where to shoot. The advantage of doing this, however, is that you can detect an animal on a dark or foggy night.

Night scopes like the ATN X-Sight 4k Pro must have a light source to produce an image. Often, the stars and moon give off enough light to do this. However, most night-vision scopes come with a type of flashlight for further illumination. Although they can only be used at night, they give a very detailed, natural image.

Can these scopes be used in daylight and at night?

There are scopes that are built for both daytime use and nighttime use. One such scope is the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x day/night Smart scope. It has a 9-degree angle of view, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, aluminum alloy construction and a variety of other helpful features so you can use it easily.

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