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AFX Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets can keep cyclists safe and reduce the risk of head injuries. AFX, a maker of motorcycle helmets, has continued to innovate and produce various motorcycle helmets. AFX motorcycle helmets include options like the Dual Sport Hero helmet and the Full Face Motorcycle helmet.

What style options are there?

AFX Helmets recognizes that not everyone will want the same thing as far as the design of a helmet goes. Therefore, the company makes a vast range available. Some different options include full-face varieties, goggle options, helmets with a visor, products with a shield, cheek pads, face guard-less helmets, and many other selections.

How do you know which size to order?

AFX has designed their products to be able to fit different head sizes. They want to bring their helmets to as many motorcycle, scooter, or dual sport-loving people as possible. Their size guide is as follows:

  • X-Small: Head measures between 21 1/4 and 21 5/8 inches
  • Small: Head measures between 22 and 22 7/16 inches
  • Medium: Head measures between 22 13/16 and 23 1/4 inches
  • Large: Head measures between 23 5/8 and 24 inches
  • X-Large: Head measures between 24 3/8 and 24 13/16 inches
  • XX-Large: Head measures between 25 3/16 and 25 5/8 inches
  • XXX-Large: Head measures between 26 and 26 3/8 inches
  • XXXX-Large: Head measures between 26 3/4 and 26 3/8 inches
How do you measure your head?

In order to arrive at the correct size helmet for yourself, measure your head properly. First, you will need a flexible tape measure. Then, measure the circumference of the widest part of your head. For most people, this is approximately one inch above the ears and eyes. To get an accurate measurement, you can also measure a few inches above that point as well as a few inches below. Do this to ensure that you are, in fact, using the widest result in order to give you the ideal fit you are looking for.

What colors are available?

From brown to pink to red to black, the company has a wide range of colors for their helmets. They also offer a comprehensive line of helmets with patterns or prints. This ranges from camouflage to abstract to distinctive skulls.

Can parts be purchased?

AFX helmets have made available a selection of parts if you want to upgrade or repair a part. These include replacement face shields, helmet screw kits, scratch-resistant upgrades, and goggles.

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