12U Rackmount Cabinets and Frames

Common Questions about 12U Server Racks

When your business runs its own network, you need cooling, portability, and storage solutions for servers and other equipment. eBay offers a wide selection of durable, quality rack solutions from reputable vendors to help you maintain your network. Offering a wide variety of 12U racks with ventilation, casters, handles, and more, eBay has what you need to move and properly care for the equipment in your network so that you can focus on your business.

What is a 12U server rack?

"Rack units" are standard sizes for server height with one rack unit (U) equaling 1.75 inches. The 12U server racks are meant to accommodate a server that is 12 Us high. This comes out to be 21 inches.

What types of affordable 12U server racks are available?

With an ever-present need in IT departments for keeping an organized data or server room, network server racks and enclosures are viable solutions for storage and maintenance. There are several types of 12U racks available including:

  • Freestanding racks: Freestanding or open-frame racks are good solutions if space is limited. In various configurations, these racks can often support a solid amount of weight and are designed for stability. They can often be used in whatever space they will fit.
  • Sideways mount: Good solutions for rack-mounted equipment, sideways wall-mount server racks offer quick and easy access. They are compatible with a good number of servers and UPS or uninterruptible power supplies. Many offer mounting holes spaced at every few inches for a dry-wall framework for additional stability. They offer open access and views of the front and back of any equipment that make adjustments and access easy.
  • Wall mount: If you need a wall-mounted option, eBay offers a variety of such racks. Some units offer removable side panels so that administrators can gain easy access before or after installation, often with ventilation slots and/or built-in fans for cooling. Many feature open brackets on top and bottom for each access to cables and wires. Some have locking doors to protect from theft.
What key features are needed for quality server racks?

Servers and similar equipment can be costly, so many server racks available on eBay offer key features you need for the security and maintenance of such equipment including:

  • Configurability: Servers racks featuring toolless cable managers and mounting for PDUs, modular side panels, and easy-view rail depth indexing will make an administrators job much easier.
  • Cooling and efficiency: Racks should be designed to handle the heat from high-density installations. Perforated doors promote front-to-back airflow thats needed for efficient cooling.
  • Security and compliance: With many government and industry regulations required for physical equipment security for the protection of data, good racks should meet any and all applicable regulations. They are made to easily secure access points with locking panels and doors.
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